TEXT TOPIC: Did your baby gender reveal party go bad?

My SIL had a gender reveal. Had every cliche. Wanted everyone do a bunch of activities. Some people got bored and left before the big reveal.

wife's mom is always late. We told people to be there a time and she was like an hour late and we told her and earlier time. We did without her

my hub called me out after our GR cause my excitement wasn't real. My sis had pushed me for names & wouldn't let it go when I wouldn't tell her.

had a gender reveal at 16 weeks, I was told i was having a boy. Then 4 weeks later I had to tell everyone it was a GIRL!

not a blooper but we did one with balloons that are filled with confetti we did it in the house and I'm still finding glitter in my butt crack

my friend and her husband shot shotguns at an exploding target that released blue smoke. She missed and hit rock that sent pieces flying and hit a family member that had to go to the hospital.

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