TEXT TOPIC: Who can't seem to get your name right?

called my hairstylist Christina for almost a year. Her name is Christine and she never corrected me.

My name is Montana but SO many people at work can’t remember my name I just respond to any state now. Dakota, Nevada, Michigan are most common, I get Texas and Idaho too. I don''t even correct them anymore because they won''t remember.

there is a manager at my work and her name is Laurel. She does not look like a Laurel to me, she looks like a Leslie to me. I''ve accidentally called her Leslie

Most people can''t say my name correctly. It''s Alisa. I''m called Alisha, Alyssa, or Alison all the time. At age 11 a friend gave me a nickname and now very few call my by given name and call me by the nickname. When they say my name wrong I say, "just call me Mona. Everyone else does." And they do

My name is WhitLEY and I get called "Whitney" every. day. of. my. life.

my name is Xavier but people in Utah call me Javier

This is Ginette. I just answer to anything that sounds remotely like my name. Janet...Gina....whatever! People mess it up constantly

My name is Juan (simple, easy) but people tend to butcher it ALL.. THE.. TIME.. I get called Yan, Won, Han, One..... ITS J-U-A-N!

My name is Jen. I get called Jan, Jessica, Jamie, Sam and Jemma.

Alisa here.Say my name. That's not my name.I get called ALYSSA, ALISHA, ALLISON. Come on ppl! It's UH-LEE-SUH. Unless ur my mom. Then it's AREESA

For a year I let a guy call me Amy when my name is Angee. I didn''t want to embarrass him by correcting him. When he found out a year later, he was PISSED & never talked to me again

my name is KEATON not Keith

lady I work with calls me Chelsea all the time and my name is Kelsee. Thank goodness today's my last day and I don't have to listen to that anymore.

My daughter its Zasha not sasha it's a z

My name is spelled Daina, pronounced Day-na. But I constantly get called Di-Anna. Grrrr

my daughter is Maisilyn, may-C-lyn. But she always gets maiZilyn

My son, his name is Kase (case) he gets called Casey or Chasealll the time.

Well Montana texted in so I might as well add my other daughterSedona in this topic.. Most people don''t even try to pronounce itand they spell it Sidonie often = come on it''s a beautiful town inArizona people

my wife's name is Veronica and she gets called Victoria all the time

My name is Danelle(Dan-ell). I get called Danielle, Daniel, Dunell, Daniyell

My name is CODY and people call me coRy all the time. I boughta name badge and nope... still get called coRy

my name is Angel and I have been called Ingrid or Angela. My given name is just Angel.

guys my name is Jessica I get Jennifer and Justin???? What Justin really.

my name is Dewayne but I always get called to Dwight not sure if I remind them of Dwight from the Office

My name is Lenova but I get called Linda, Lanisha, and all other names. I just go with whatever.

Braden but everyone always says BraNDON. Even when I introduce myself as Braden, they say BraNDON

my sisters name is Brynn, she gets Brine, and Bryan all the time lol. Or baffled looks from older people who cant understand the pronunciation.

My name is Andre and nobody can get it right especially at food places where they ask for your name, so I go by James.

my name is Colton but everyone calls me Colt or Cole. I've corrected one of my bosses for 3 years now. He still calls me Colt over the radio. SMH

My name is Cristin. I get Christian, Cristina... my name somehow gains extra letters all the time.

my name is Kaiya. I've gotten Kylie,kaylie,Kyla, kayya. It's Kai-ya

My name is Annamarie sick of my family and others calling me Anna or asking me do you go by Anna or Annamarie.. stop its Annamarie

My Mom could NEVER pronounce her great g-daughters name, Sadie. Always said, "the other girl." English was her 2nd language.

My cute mom can't say her nieces name, Ariya (like on Game of Thrones). Are-ee-ya. It ends up as A-Rye-Uh. Haha!!!

my son worked at a dealership and his boss for the life of him couldn''t get his name right. His name is Jayden but he constantly called him Jaron. He would get over the speaker and call Jaron upfront and the other coworkers thought it was the funniest thing so that''s what everybody started calling him. My son gave up correcting him after so many Failed attempts.

name is Carlie and I'm constantly being called Charlie or Carrie. It's rare that someone gets my name right which is funny because it's a normal name

my name is Alyssa and my whole life different people have called me Ashley

have an employee who''s name is Aaron.. for some reason I keep calling him Michael and he isnt associated with the name Michael in anyway . I do have a brother named Michael that I dont speak to so maybe that''s why haha

my name is Jeremy and growing up most kids pronounced it germy. My dads nickname for me growing up was Germ, hes the only one I allow to call me that

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