TEXT TOPIC: Who in your life won't take NO for an answer?

My ex boyfriend. He texts me once a month from a random number asking if I've left my current boyfriend.

my mom. Saying no to her is the biggest sign of disrespect. had to cut off our relationship bc she would bully and guilt trip me into saying yes

my mother in law will NOT take no for an answer. 

my daughter, she is 9 1/2 and constantly argues with me when I tell her no or dispute what she believes is right

I hate taking no for an answer. My husband is good about saying no to me at times.

my lazy ass bro! Always asking 2 hang multiple times a week I said get a job & we can. He's 32! Get a GD job! It's hard being an adult I guess. :/

my mom won’t take no for an answer regarding her family. They’ve disowned her multiple times, they hate my dad, they’ve never really supported us because we’re not religious. She’s chosen to forgive them and I support her however, I don’t want to see them. They’ve never been part of my life but caused so many issues in our family. She keeps asking us to go see them with our kids and I keep saying no. It’s starting to cause friction because when I say no it''s not maybe but then it turns into me being mean and unsupportive.

Wife wants to go to Disneyland the same week we already have a vacation planned. And if we can't do both the same week we can't to either

Sister-in-law won''t understand that we won''t let our young kids around her creep of a cheating fianc without us being there with them. She needs to stop asking us to let them go with them to places.

My younger sister in-law won''t take no for an answer because her parents never say no to her and the worst part is she asks for things at the worst times or in front of a ton of people so you always feel like the bad guy or super awkward 

my dad wants to pay to build our stand-alone garage so he can build an apartment above it but I don''t want him to move in in the back of my house. Won''t take no for an answer

have a friend that sells shakes. I told her no I am good but thank you I would rather just go to the gym and work on my good eating habits and do the shakes. She would not take no for an answer and I finally ended up telling her what do you think I''m that fat that I need to drink these shakes? She finally stopped asking me.

my aunt doesn't take no at all. You can ignore her for days she will keep pestering you or ever "drop in unannounced"

My MIL she keeps pushing to go on vacation but her and my sister in law are complete nightmares. She offers to pay for us to go but I''d rather not. They ALWAYS come back fighting and on horrible terms.

Broken family. Mom won't accept no. She thinks we owe her. My dad doesn't even know my kids names. Hate that I don't have a real family.

dated a guy for a couple months & he wouldn't quit begging me 2 marry him. He was 23 years older. 

hubby had a hard time telling friend no to drinking on the weekend. It got to the point where hubby developed a drinking problem

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