TEXT TOPIC: It's Thankful Thursday! Who or what are thankful for?

I'm thankful for my wife for putting up with my shortcomings, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary this week. Love you sweetheart

thank you to my husband for his 20 yrs of AF service. Commissioned 20 yrs ago 6/2/99. I love our kids see his great work ethic. I'm so proud of him.

thank you to my daughters Teacher, Ma Milly at Dancing Moose Montessori. It’s bitter sweet that today’s last day of school but we love her! Thank you for 3 amazing years of getting to know my daughter and being an amazing teacher.

Want to thank the 2 gentlemen who stopped to change my flat tire Monday Evening on the I15 in rush hour traffic. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

a HUGE thx to you all for makin my mornings bearable after wrestling my kids out the door and dealin w my ornery husband. I'd go nuts w out y'all xo

I am so beyond thankful for the people who have been taking such great care of me while I have been recovering from foot surgery

thank you to my boss. I''ve worked with her for 9 years and I''ve been married, had two kids, bought a house etc... she allows a flex schedule to be both a mom and worker and I owe so much of what I have to her.

I would like to thank my boyfriend Steve. After my husband died I didn't want to live and he showed me happiness again.

extra grateful for my mama today on her 52nd birthday! She's the best mom a girl could ask for!

just want to say thank you to my awesome in-laws the Holmsteads and Montgomerys. They are the best in laws anyone could ask for! Can’t wait for our family vaca''s this summer!!

have to thank JRC for getting my son and I through a crisis last night. We needed their intervention and support. Things are looking better!

thankful for my husband. He has to be extremely patient with me constantly and forgiving when I blow things out of proportion. I love you babe you are my everything

Thanks to my boss who literally saved my life a couple of weeks ago after I was planning suicide, on meds and in therapy now doing much better

want to say thank you to my Odyssey House softball team for all the encouragement as I learn to play. You help me to get better and better every week. Love you all.

want to thank my parents and grandparents for bringing my husband and I on the family vacation this week! I love you guys so much!

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