TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family who got burned by co-signing?

my brother in law got his dad to co-sign on a loan. Brother stopped paying. Took over 10 years to pay it off and completely tanked his dads credit

mother in law co-signed for my brother in law. He said the car wasn’t a good car so he decided to stop paying. The only thing my mother-in-law has is her house, basically the government (Spain) says they are going to take her house... my wife and I had to pay off the loan completely so she could keep her house. Brothers-in-law still thinks he did nothing wrong because was a bad car.... I just pretend he doesn’t exist. (This isn’t even the full story of what he did to not pay/get more money out of us)

my Mom signed for her sons loan and added her only car as collateral. 1yr later son filled bankruptcy and my mom lost her car.

My xhub convinced my newly divorced mom to co-sign on a $55k truck. I told her not too. Within 8 months he was behind on payments and I have no clue where he was spending $. All our bills were behind! I started making payments directly to my mom, let’s say there’s many reasons he’s an ex. And this is one. Don’t ever ever co-sign!!

At 18 my mom cosigned on a car. Car died in 6 months she was stuck w/ 4k bill. Eventually I paid her back

My uncle bought a car for me and I worked for him and he would take all my money when I worked for him. He then took the car when I quit.

my sister in law! My father in law cosigned for her and to "get back at him" for some slight she refuses to pay forcing him to either pay or ruin his credit, it’s a $30,000 loan.

My sister and her husband burned my parents big time. Talked them into signing on their mortgage by offering to pay them $10,000 and promising to have them off in a year. They ended up defaulting causing my parents to take out bankruptcy and losing their retirement and the equity in their own home. Oh and they never paid them the $10,000. D bags!!

cosigned for my cousin to help him start a business. He basically blew the money on alcohol and I got stuck paying 10k

you get my grandma signed on a loan for my brother for a bullet bike. He was so excited brought it home to show off to us and my dad not realizing it''s a fast bike got on and crashed right in to a fence

Parents never paid for anything for me or siblings. But spawn of satin (step-sis) has my step dad Co-sign for school loan and told him it was his responsibility when it came time to pay it.

The burning is still happening! My 42 year old frat boy brother still has our mom paying his mortgage. Come to think of it maybe he''s the smart one!#learningcurve

my brother coo signed for my sister and bro in law. They ended up opening 6 credit cards in his name! And left him with over $50,000 in debt

friends' grandma has eaten thousands on cars cosigned for grand daughters

my husband coaxed me into getting him a few loans and he promised he would make the payments. He never made one payment. Now filing bankruptcy and my credit is ruined. I am thinking of divorce as he has no remorse.

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