TEXT TOPIC: Have you snooped through your significant other's phone?

I snoop through my husbands phone daily. He sucks at communicating. The only way I can figure out what''s going on in our lives, is to look through his phone and see what plans he has made. He knows that happens.

I''ve gone thru my bf''s phone multiple times. I knew he watched porn, didn''t realize it''s daily. Watches mostly step-kid/parent which freaks me out because I have kids. Still trying to figure out how to handle it. Your opinion might help... =

Yes I check my husbands phone. Not as much as I used too, but he has had a sexting affair with another woman in the past. And it only disappoints me,I usually find porn in his browser history. And it''s not me, I''m always up for it.

I snooped. I knew he was chatting up other women and was lying. Proved it and said SEE YA

My husband has had problems with pornography in the past and it was horrible for our relationship. I found myself getting paranoid and snooping through his phone. It ended badly several times and I''ve had to stop. I''m scared to even look now.

When I was in my early twenties I would go through Boyfriend''s phones, but I was going out with a douche. Now I''m almost 30 and I don''t feel the needto go through my current Boyfriend''s phone because he doesn''t give me a reason to feel I need to. Find a different guy if you feel like you need to do that. It''s way more refreshing and less stressful.

Had NEVER looked on my husband’s phone in 35 years...phone was charging in the bathroom, I got up in the middle of the night. Looked 4 the 1st time. He had exchanged selfies with a girl I have never seen. Then saw a text 2 her (when I was out of town) late at night..."you up?"

Absolutely I Snoop. Gotta do it. I used to be discreet about it, but now I just do it whenever and wherever. If he walks in, I''m like, "oh, hey, Chris sent you a text." I tell him it''s a spot check. Just helpful to see what he''s up to and make sure all is on the up and up or just being nosey.

checked my ex's phone. He was giving the D to other females. Calling me a roommate. Thank you next.

only went through phone with ex-husband and a boyfriend when my intuition senced something was wrong. I was right both times.

i go through my fiances phone, trust issues with porn. I have low self esteem because of weight and the women he looks at aren't my size

checked my wife's phone last night. Her attitude towards me has drastically changed in the last week even throwing out the D word I didn't find anything

my wife openly snoops in my phone in front of me. Not because of trust issues, but because I''m awful at communicating and she wants to know what''s going on with my day/life.

yes, my ex was cheating and said he had stopped. Not. I''d hearthe ph in middle of night and reply to the girls

I did with my ex... found out he was having an affair with his ex-wife... WTF he is an ex for a reason.

I am a big-time snooper. If there''s a phone next to me and I know the password I''m going to sleep. It has nothing to do with you the other person it''s all me. I am a compulsive cheater and smack talker. I assume everybody else''s. It''s not a great quality and I am not proud of it but it''s the truth

My son's Spidey Sense went off... snooped on his wife's phone... his senses were correct. Can you say divorce?

my ex was shady. Snooped through his phone with him knowing and sitting by me and found multiple girls he was cheating with. Never could trust him after that.

that is how I caught that he was cheating on me. And I wasn''t checking its phone for that. It has totally ruined our relationship and I know it''s not healthy but we are only together for the kids.

when I was first married my husband''s phone went off while he was in the shower. I picked it up and told him he had a new message, he jumped out of the shower butt naked covered in soap to retrieve his phone. Turns out he was having multiple affairs. I am now happily divorced. LOL

5 years in checked phone bill records, boyfriend texting girl we played softball with, for at least a year every min of every day

went through my ex husbands phone, and confirmed he was using again..

my ex''s his mom hated me for no reason and she always said horrible horrible things about me through text to him. He never wanted to tell me becauseit made me so mad so I would take his phone while he showered and read it. It did nothing for me except make me more mad lol

Started snooping on my exes phone because he was being sketchy. Found him sexting three other girls. Gave him another chance after confronting him.But I always wondered how honest he was being. So I continued to check and it got toxic. Obviously didn''t last

snoop through by bfs phone, he has cheated on me b 4. He used to be on several dating and hook up sites to flirt and send pics. I need reassurance that he has stopped.

husband was on dating sites and then sexting with people from there. It's been 4 years but once in awhile I still check.:(

check my husbands phone. He hides things (money mostly) with his ex and kids from me. So if I want to know I look through his phone.

looked through my ex's phone only to find out he was cheating on me with his cousin

snooped through my wife''s phone because of a cut feeling turns out I was right, she was having an affair with a coworker she said they were just friends 2 wks later she left me for him

just did it last week found what I was looking for. He has had an affair in the past starting with texting. So was feeling insecure and felt validated to check it, has a hidden friendship with a coworker. Fine with friends but should be able to discuss the friendship with me if your texting another woman

Just started. It started when he kept saying he''d pay for my body enhancement to loose weight and a big butt. I saw his insta has a ton a women with this body type!! He got a yelling, & guilt trip he has erased insta and apologized for sending me into depression, now he is paying for my therapy.

when my ex husband was at UNI (mental health) for suicide I went through his phone and found lots of FB PMs to other women.

Hubby never locks phone, one time while in the shower I saw his history. Let me just say it was rated R.

I checked my hubby's (fiance at the time) phone. I had a gut feeling. He was asking some chick for pics of her breasts. Felt like I wasn't good enough

I have and it CONSUMED me, due to trust issues in the past. I would look up all #''s in his phone and on the phone bill. It got to a point where I had to step back and tell myself that it wasn''t healthy for me and if he was doing something, then I would find out some other way eventually.

found out my ex fiance was talking to other guys, I only went through her phone so I could prove she was cheating, I did she was

my husband and his siblings have a group chat and refuse to add me. So I snoop to find out what''s going on. Found out my sis in law hates me but that''s cool I dont like her either

snooped through my ex''s phone because of feelings of jealousy. I never thought I would do this but I wonder if the inclination came from my first relationship where I was cheated on with two other people. My relationship with trust and jealousy around other people needs so much work now.

my dad found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

Wife snoops through my phone all the time and I pretend I don''t notice. She hates if I even touch her phone so I''ll grab it making sure she sees me just to get on her nerves....sure seems like she''s hiding something? Here''s hoping.

yes I snoop threw my hubby''s phone. Cuz he always has these scanky looking HO''s that he''s friends with on fb. And he claims he didn''t friend them.Or accept any friends

checked my exes phone, had a feeling something was up, he was cheating, doing drugs and on 2-3 different dating site. I was 4 mo prego.. Hence - EX..

yes I''ve peeked at my wife''s phone and came across her text calling me an ass and that she hates me over our finances. she doesn''t work and wants meto pay for everything then complains to her friend! Go figure

my coworker looked at his wife's phone and saw she was cheating on him

Wife snooped while I showered. Found me sexting girl in another country. She got pissed. She got over it. I don''t do it anymore... but she still snoops any chance she gets.

I have before and have found things I didn''t like. It came to a point where we decided to trust each other or not be together. It''s hard to not wantto snoop anymore or think about what has happened in the past.

have gone through my boyfriend's phone. We broke up a few times because he was messaging other women and one sent him some horrible pictures

1 yr ago, using my bfs phone, found evidence of cheating. We are working through it, but now I'm scared to continue to check bc I'm so sensitive now.

snoop through my hubby's phone because he has cheated on me and seems to think it is still okay to have "pillow talk" with other women.

check my husbands phone. He doesn't talk to me about our relationship but tells my daughter in law everything he's upset with in our marriage.

Snooped on my Boyfriends phone while he was in the shower, he was exchanging nudes with his ex.... on my birthday..

check the hubby''s phone sporadically. He works with a lot of women and some of them get borderline inappropriate. Want to make sure he isn''t crossing any lines as well. Learned about his drinking and vaping with friends by reading his phone. He knows I look at it. Says he doesn''t care and has nothingto hide so I don''t feel guilty when I look.

funny you bring this up as a subject. I was just going through my exes phone this morning. I heard an alarm going off and it was his phone

My wife has been cheated on before and it made her a little paranoid so I just added her fingerprint to unlock my phone so she could reassure herself whenever she needs to. It hasn''t caused any issues between us.

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