TEXT TOPIC: When did wildlife jack up you or your property?

We were out of town when we received a phone call from our neighbor that there were seven cows in our backyard. The farmers cows in the field behind us pushed down the fence, climbed over, and trampled our entire backyard. We had to relay all of our sod.

blue d gold macaw broke out of his cage and destroyed the leather couch & decided while walking across of the top of the flat screen 2 bite it several times and broke the screen 7k in damage in less than an hour

couldn''t figure out what happened to all of the color in my flowerbed, the green was still there, but NO color on my petunias. Figured it out when I looked out my window one night, there was a deer laying in my front yard, right next to my flowerbed.

GIANT goose in a Honda Civic. Jacked my car up!

was stopped in my neighborhood and a deer came out of nowhere and ran into the side of my car. $3000 Damage...the new jumped up and walked over to a neighbors front yard.

bro-in-law hit a cow on highway exit totaled his f250 and had to pay for the cow $3k

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