TEXT TOPIC: What are you hiding and who are you hiding it from?

I went to Disneyland with my ex husband and my kids as a final memory for them. Nothing happened between me and him and it was a great memory for the kids. I didn’t tell my boyfriend.

I’m hiding from my Mormon family. I left the church, got a tattoo, and am dating someone who’s not Mormon. So far my happiness is greater than my shame

hiding my sadness since I have to put my 14 year old dog down tomorrow.

Hiding the health effects of early menopause from my much younger bf, esp at sexy time. =D Afraid he would be turned off

im hiding that ive got my ex wife’s best friend pregnant. I dunno how this is going to pan out but it wont be good.

my boyfriend has been hiding his fb account is active, he had listed that he’s single on there posting shirtless profile pics and having gross thirsty women commenting on it. It’s pathetic!!! Thank you, Next!

me and my husband got married last January after we found out we were pregnant but only a hand full of people know. Our parents and family don't even know.

I'm hiding the fact that my doctor told me I pretty much have cervical cancer and haven't told anyone. Follow up pap in a month

me and two of my friends have been hiding a secret for years. Our friend doesn''t know that her ex boyfriend from years ago that also got her pregnant also slept with her two friends.

Hiding that I'm slowly stepping away from the LDS religion from the extended family.

Hiding from my husband that my boss and I are in a BDSM relationship

I'm hiding all the interviews I'm going to from my current work.

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