TEXT TOPIC: Passive Agressive Tuesday!! What is your PA text?

passive aggressive Tuesday: yes I am 20 years younger than you and I am your boss. It’s sad when I have to write up employee who is 40 and still causes drama and gossips. #getyourcraptogether

thanks for getting black out drunk last night babe... had a wonderful night that you won't remember! Not!

Dear wife I hate it when u try 2 get me 2 fight with my ex wife over my son then u get mad at me when I don't want to it makes want 2 not b with u

why do people always think the grass is greener? You're losing one amazing woman. You're 43 shes 18. Disgusting

Hey ex don''t act like an A hole when I ask if you want to put in on a gift for your daughter you can just say you''re getting something on your own and that would be good enough and by the way I will have my cake and eat it too !!!

Dear ex husband, please stop sending me texts about how you''re currently making $15,000 a month and paying off debt. Your dumb ass forced me to file bankruptcy after our divorce. Seriously. F. U.

Ur MY husband not hubby to the 8+ women I know about so far. Grow up!

Hey thanks mom and dad! When my two little kids become homeless you stick us in your motor home, but put my two older boys in your house

To my sis. Cut the cord. Ur son is almost 13 years old, the bond u have is not normal. When you go out of town quit sharing a bed and let him out of your sight once in awhile. You both need it!

1st: You''re not a doctor. Quit telling all of us what we should and shouldn''t eat based on our body type. 2nd: you''re a man working with a staff that''s 95% women. Quit looking at our bodies. Creep.

hey Michael. I understand we are close friends but you need to also make your own friends. Stop meeting mine and then trying to hang with them without me. Be an adult and mad your own GD friends or be fine with being lonely.

To my SIL- be you and create your own path. She''s a one upper (tries to be anyway); takes on our same hobbies; identical purchases; same projects. The kicker- she unilaterally turns it into a competition. Makes comparison and brags about things. Makes it a point to announce things. We do good and stayhumble about it, but now I need to say it- you''ll never catch up, Love. Deuces!

you have a nanny and drop your kids off at in laws every weekend. Don't tell me you get how hard it is. Try being a 24/7 mom

hey friend, when you opt to hang out with your crazy ex from 2 years ago over your supposed best friends I wont make a huge effort to hang with you.ive been burned too many times. I hope you get some self esteem back

I have the laziest co workers ever! Stop doing bills, fighting with ur hubby and pick up the damn phone! You're getting paid to work, not be lazy!

can't wait to sit through another meeting with our new manager that doesn't know crap

I''m so tired of your narcissistic bipolar attitude.. no the world doesn''t revolve around you! You saying you are protecting your kids from me and my kids by keeping us away.. because you think my child called you names behind your back is doing me a favor. Thank you for staying away!

Thanks Coach for cutting my kid from the team with the lame excuse that he didn''t play very much. You have control over who gets to play thanks for crushing him Jack wagon.

congratulations to the candidate that got the promotion over me. I hope you fail miserably and they regret their decision.

to parents, dont bring babies and toddlers to Disney live action movies. There are scary moments and I dont want to hear your kid scream/cry.

I get that there are things about me you don''t like but it''s enough. I''m sorry you refuse to believe in science and facts but you believing in crap conspiracies, it doesn''t make people who understand science dumb. You dumb ho.

Stop "bragging" to your friends about all the new drugs you''re doing. We don''t think it''s cool. You might be able to stop complaining about being broke if you''d stop buying drugs!

To my hubby, it would be nice if you showed some appreciation. I am home cleaning, taking care of the baby and shopping. It would be nice if you did something nice for me once.

yes you have anxiety.... dont bring it up every signal day!!!

dear MIL I don''t want to play 20 questions every time I see you give it up! 

I've lost 127lbs. I'm not too skinny. I'm healthy. Stop asking if I'm done losing weight. Worry about yourself. #jealous

Sick of hearing about your sorry love life and how things aren''t working out with the boyfriend. Your the one who cheated on your husband and caused the divorce. Now you reap what you sow.

Hey Karen, flipping me off when you cut me off is super polite. Take a long walk off a short pier.

Hey neighbor, you're a fat lazy Jack wagon. Stop bossing everyone in the neighborhood around. We got this far without you, we got this.

Dear person are you ever tired of hearing about yourself? Spending last weekend with you for the marathon was terrible. You may have ran the fastest marathon out of the 4 of us but sure you haven’t ran the Boston marathon 7 months pregnant! Mic drop! Nuf said.

sorry I got promoted over you, the best person won! Maybe if you didn't throw a tantrum like a child they would consider you if i "failed"

to the douce bag who hit my friends daughter yesterday with your car and drove off-she's fine but karma's a bitch and I hope it finds you

you thought we were bad parents because our teenager told you a bunch of lies and you believed him. So you take him away from us even though you areyounger and think you know it all and have no kids. But we know he was only a good kid because of us. we let you take him so you could see and now 2 months later you give him back cause he peed on your floor and put marker all over your bed sheets. now who''s a bad parent for throwing their kid away! whatnow biatch

Hey Salt Lake city stop doing construction on parallel roads all at the same time. people need a way to get around and can''t have traffic or close roads on every route!

to the stupid motorcyclists who weave in and out of cars going well over the speed limit, STOP IT! It''s dangerous enough just bring on a bike with all the distracted drivers.

some people need a high five, in the face, with a chair. Congrats on the promotion

you are not a victim so stop acting like one. grow a pair

Just because you don't like my first name doesn't mean you have to say it. Some things shouldn't be said. Don't be a mean customer

still bitter that you wont give me a 50 cent raise. Without me you'd have to hire two people bc of what I do! So annoying

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