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mlm corporate employees are sleeping with each other all.the.time. One big cesspool of STDs. Multiple affairs and marriages ended. Want promotion-have a penis &sleep with at least 3 employees

I work for a great MLM, it is hard because MLM has such a negative connotation that some people won't even listen and immediately judge. Some are great!

I''m a consultant for an MLM and the lady I''m under will get into my account monthly to add orders to it so it keeps me active so she can make more money. She makes 100k a year. I barely make 2000 a year selling.

I work for an MLM at their corporate office. I sometimes feel like I'm taking advantage of people. My paycheck is good though.

worked @ call center for an MLM. You would not believe the $ people at the top of the pyramid make by literally doing nothing. About $200k/month just to give you an idea.

I worked on the corporate side in product development, making new products. The products you are purchasing are marked up 90% 

worked for an MLM for 9 years. I develop products and we made sure they are good products buuuuut they have a huge price markup

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