TEXT TOPIC: Who lives too close to family?

Wife and I moved I with her G-Pa to help as he lived alone. Found out two days before we moved in that her parents were living there already, but "would be gone in a week." Almost a year later, they''re still here.

built our home, 2 mnths later MIL built 1 7 homes down to "help with kids." Still dsnt help. Drives by all the time n asks who is @ house#stalker

My boyfriend''s brother lives 3 minutes away from us in the same neighborhood And he and his 5 kids will drop by almost every single day and unannounced. We have to constantly feed them

I am the opposite I enjoy my family living closer but I feel like the closer we live the longer it takes for us to see each other

my brother lives too close to my parents. He takes advantage of my parents and always has them babysit his kids for free instead of paying a sitter

my entire immediate and extended family live within a mile of each other. The amount of surprise drop ins at all hours of the day are ridiculous, reaons I''m moving 30 mins away

when me & my now wife were moving in tgthr, we wntd a house not aptmnt. The house nxt to my parents opened up. We moved in. It''s great, my wife loves it 2!

Moved home for the summer to save some money for school. My parents room is right across the hall. Little too close for comfort.

I used to love my mother in law but after living with or right next door to her for the last 3 years I

have a lot of resent towards her. She oversteps boundaries almost daily.

lived 3 minutes away from in-laws. If I ever declined a lunch or family event, they would drive by to see if I really was busy.

lived down the street from my in laws. They walked in during too many adult play sessions. We moved

my parents live on the east coast and it''s still too close. Ihave a family member that works for an airline and so they fly outhere ALL THE TIME. And they always stay with me in my apartment. Mymom especially then just tears me apart for how I live....then don''t come stay with me. =D

I used 2 live 1 house away from my bro, my parents 2 houses away & his in-laws 2 away from my parents. I moved. It was suffocating. My poor bro!

we are too close and they are in PA! Mom and MIL think I'm a spoiled brat and do nothing. Hubby is an only child and walks on water.

I live next door to my parents. I am super lucky and my parents very rarely just pop over. It's been awesome for my kids to have Grandma & grandpa close

we live 12 hours from my hubs family and it's too close lol we live 3 min from my fam

my mom lives 10 houses down from me. The hardest part is the constant insults. "When''s the last time you mowed your lawn? Your house is messy. I took your garbage can out to the road because you forgot. Your yards a mess" it goes on and on

I live 2 min away from my parents. They''re respectful and never stop by unless invited. I drop in every few days and they love it. It''s great to be close to them because we are so close. Lucky to have parents that don''t cross boundaries.

We live with my in-laws. Obv. way 2 close 4 comfort! They seriously drive me crazy but moving out really isn't an option because they need our help

I live a mile away from my mom. She doesn''t come over cuz she''s afraid of alcohol and coffee but she expects me to come keep her company all the time and it blows!

live about 2 blocks from my brother in law and we don't talk. Awkward.

live next door to in laws. Not a terrible situation, but they think we are their personal grocery store.

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