TEXT TOPIC: Did you parent shame your spouse?

Husband shamed me for my PPD. He told me to "focus harder on being happy and get over it". I have 3 under 5, no time to catch up. Seriously, dude?

My husband works out of state he shames me for how the kids act, I shame him for not being here it's horrible!

My daughter is on the autism spectrum and my husband shaves me for taking her to occupational therapy. It''s helped so much but he hates that she''s in''therapy''

Our 7 year old doesn''t like being kissed, so we''ve set boundaries with family and everyone respects it except for a Grandma. She shamed us for askingher to respect his wishes and hug him instead

My sister wants to vaccinate her son but her fianc parent shames her. He is intrigued by vaccines but tells her to do her research and if her mommyintuition feels he needs it they will do it but he backs out and makes her feel like crap.

Parent shaming against the grandparents.. they keep insisting loading the kids up with sugar! It''s a constant battle! Everything the grandparents have in their house is loaded with sugar and they think its ok.. ahhhhhh!

My husband! He always blames me for anything that happens with the kids. When the baby was crying in the hospital because she couldn''t latch on he even came over and told me I was breast-feeding wrong

The hubby works out of state and I''m alone with the kids when I try to vent my frustrations with the kids he comes at me about me losing it. Yet he has no clue how stressful it is!

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