TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who or what are you thankful for?

thanks to our awesome realtor for getting us into our first home! And thanks to our families for helping us move!

want to say thank you to my grandma. You are the only one that''s ever believed in me when I was going through my drug issues. Thank you for making sure I always made my meetings and had groceries for my family. Best grandma ever!

want to thank my amazing boyfriend for loving my babies as his own. They asked him if they could call him dad and he said absolutely yes, I still cry of happiness

I'd like to thank my Grandpa John for accepting me & my brother as blood. He passed away last weekend & was so selfless.

my husband, thank for being an amazing father. Last night the way you talked our 4yr old < after he had such a naughty day, you inspire me to be a better mom and person. Xoxo

I am thankful for my family! I was addicted to opiates... and if it wasn''t for my son, dad, and uncle. I would probably be dead

want to thank my boy friend for helping me understand my worth. I let my work walk all over me. He has shown my thats not right. I love him so much more for it!

thankful to live in this beautiful state where you can ski in the morning, golf in the afternoon, and go boating in the evening. All in the same day.

thankful my husband didn't hit it and quit it. Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in a couple of weeks! Love you babe!

want to thank my kids for understanding that both of us parents need to work, which makes for a long summer at home for them.

thank you to my family that helped me move yesterday, that meant a lot!

want to thank my recently deceased grandma, she left a legacy from her of unconditional love and kindness to all she met.

really want to say thank you to my bestie Jake For being such a loyal, encouraging friend. Thank you for sticking by me when I didn't even deserve it.

Thank you to my amazing family. They lift me up. Inspire me. Love me no matter what!

I''m thankful for my boyfriend! We are both working our butts off right now to buy a house next year and we''re almost halfway to our savings goal for a down payment. (Home owners at age 22 was the goal and we are going to make it. Woo-hoo!)

I could not have gotten through this past year without my boys.I am beyond blessed to have 3 teenagers with such huge hearts! Thank you Davis, Stockton and Geddy for staying strong and being my rock. My ''d is full. I''m a lucky Mom.

thank you to my husband, you''ve really listened to me and have become the man of my dreams. Our marriage is soo much better and can''t wait for baby #4... yikes

thank you to my husband for being a shining example of what an amazing father is. Hearing my 5 year old say "when I grow up I want to be a dad" at preschool graduation warmed my soul. Love you sugar.

Thank you to my boss for saving my life last weekend. You had a gut feeling something was wrong and you showed up just in time. If you had been 5 minutes later I wouldn''t be here.

Thank you to my niece, Kodi, for being an example of hard work, kindness, and resistance to peer pressure. Full ride to SUU! #missindependent #proudaunt

Kelly Deuel here l want to thank ZHT and IHR l won the trip to wango tango l love you guys

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