TEXT TOPIC: Do you work with your spouse?

My husband and I have worked together on and off since we met at work 10 years ago today. I love working together.

My spouse and I work together at a power sports dealership for about the last 6 months. We don’t work side by side though. I work in accounting and he works downstairs in the service department.

met my wife at work and it almost killed the relationship. Her getting a new job saved us.

I own an alcohol transport company here in Ut and my husband works for me! 3.5 years and business exploded. Wouldn''t want to work with anyone else. We r an amazing team.

I met my spouse at work before even knowing him. He was my boss. We worked together for 4 years. I would do it again.

my husband and I worked for same company but different office locations, it worked well bc we could talk about coworkers together

Me and my cute hubby were hired the same day, do the same job, and both work from home. We talk throughout the day. We kinda like each other!

We worked together for almost a year. Drove to work together, worked next to each other ALL DAY! Then drive home. I love my hubby but good hell I was so glad when he went to a different company. He''d get mad if a guy even looked at me and then would be pissed all day. (I work in construction) Oh it was a struggle some days...lol

my husband and I worked together doing catering for about 9 months. Once I got promoted, they made me fire him due to conflict of interest.

my husband &I met at work 6 yrs ago & started dating 4 years ago. We work together everyday it gets hard when we don''t have much to talk about after work and we never get out of work mode. We are fortunate to have found each other there but searching for a change

I work at the same company as my boyfriend of 5 years. He leaves way earlier than me so we rarely ride together. It works for us but we rarely interact.

Our 10 yr wedding anniv is next month. Working together for about 4 yrs. We see each other every day. I book the jobs, he does the jobs. It works for us, we like working together.

My wife and I worked in a doctors office when were first married. It worked great for us. So great, that once when the doc was out of the office and it was just us running the office, we did the deed.

we own a restaurant together. And I hate it!!!!!!!!! We have been working together for a little longer than a year.

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