TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in the family that got on your nerves?

My cousin! Every year we have a family reunion and he tries so hard to get me to sleep with him! Dude we aren't in Alabama.

My husband kept wanting to stay out later and later at his brothers, I told him to get into the car or I'm leaving his ass! I wanted to sleep.

Is it bad to say that by Monday afternoon my 4 year old had pushed my last button and hit my last nerve?!?!

My lil sis. She is always whining about herself. Complained she has no money but hasn't worked. Its never ending. Losing my cool.

Apparently my sister in law got on my husband's last nerve. She kept telling my 2 yr old to stop running, jumping, bouncing etc. Hello he's a 2 yr old!

My son, he was being an obstinate bugger and arguing with everything his Dad and I said to him. It probably has more to do with him being 14 than anything else =!

My mom! My mom got on my last nerve! I'm 30 yr old single male with a good job and she insist that my life isn t fulfilling because I m not married! Finally had it and left. Told her if she doesn't stop I’m not coming over again.

My baby sisters. When they come over they talk about how outdated my house is. I know it needs remodeling but its expensive.if they owned a house they'd understand.

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