TEXT TOPIC: What is your roomate from hell story?

Roommate wore my swimsuit to Lake Powell without asking.

had a blind roommate once who slept from 5 pm to 3 am and would make a huge deal about anyone making noise while she was sleeping. And we all worked til 5 pm. She would take our shampoos and soaps from the showers and fill them with soap and i finally lost my CRAP on her when she walked in on me in the bathroom at 3 am when i had the fan on and it was obvious i was in there.

my roommate would pick scabs off her face and eat them! She also picked her nose and would wipe it everywhere & she creepily laughed ALL THE TIME

lived with my ex boyfriend an his roommate would not just eat our food but give it away To our neighbor an say it was from him so get could get high with

roommate left a used tampon on the bathroom counter.

My roommate had sex with her boyfriend in my bed while I went away camping for the weekend WTF??

came home with preteen kids and found naked roomie and truck driver friend doing ???? In my hot tub..

3:30 am plantain/fish frying in the kitchen. -seeing roommate naked more than clothed. YIKES

18 year old, first time living on her own. Kept tons of dirty dishes in her room. Would not throw away leftovers before putting dishes in the sink. Would order take out all the time even though she could not eat gluten so she would STINK up the bathroom.

had a roommate that didn''t have money for rent. My stereo system was stolen out of my car and a couple days later the roommate had rent money. Hmmmmm >(

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