TEXT TOPIC: What did you wanna be when you grew up?

i wanted to be a bus driver, now im a hospice nurse

I wanted to be a midwife, I was a bartender for 10 years and now a draft tech for a major brewery. I still want to be a midwife one day, 32 years old, I should probably get a move on it.

Wanted to be a teacher always loved helping people. Now I'm an Administrative Assistant. Boring but working on becoming a financial advisor. Helping

I wanted to be a vet or work with animals in some way, sea world, anything, or an actress. Now I'm a paralegal and hate it. It pays the bills...

wanted to start a non profit to provide basic necessities to those in need, now I'm a program analyst. HATE MY JOB - unfulfilling

when I was little I wanted to do hair. I grew up and lost interest in it. Now I work in Compliance and going to school for business/accounting. I still don''t know what I want to do. Lol

I always wanted to be a hairline/air Force pilot. When I was in college my now ex-wife said she would divorce me if I join the air Force. So I didn''t got a degree in public relations and now a project manager. I regretted it ever since.

Love to draw as a kid, and professional tattoo artist as an adult! Six-figure earner!

I always wanted to be a cop. I could never get in shape enough to do it. Now I work construction. Maybe one day I'll be a cop.

wanted to be an accountant i am a driver

mechanical engineer like my dad. After changing major multiple times became a mech Engineer. Now I hate it

Wanted to be a dentist, couldn''t pass chemistry, now I sell Tile. =3

I always loved art. Since I was little. I wanted to be a artist. I now have my own creative advertising agency. I draw pictures all day! LOVE what I do!

wanted to be a nanny. Now a stay at home mom =>

My mom- wanted to be a "hoochie-coochie" dancer when I was little..now I'm retiring from a federal agency (VA) I didn't know existed until 1989

I wanted to be a ballerina, but was a cashier forever. Now I am a dog and cat groomer and couldn't be more fulfilled.

all I wanted to do was get married and have lots of babies. I love being a stay at home mom of 5

I wanted to be a lawyer or teacher growing up. Now I have my dream job as a professional dancer for a company.

I didn''t want to be "anything", and now my favorite thing to do is " nothing" wife has me doing so much stuff and I love doing " nothing" sometimes I achieve nothing, which has been my goal

I wanted to be a nurse when I was little and now I am a nurse.

I wanted to be a nurse when I was little , now I'm a general manager st a fast food place because I psych myself out of the test to be a CNA

I wanted to be a math teacher or dental hygienist. I went to school for anthropology, cosmetology and I'm currently a regional property manager.

I wanted to be a dolphin trainer growing up and now I work in printing

I wanted to be a mermaid for YEARS now I clean houses, haha not even close.

wanted to be a vet with my own practice. Even drew blueprints for my hospital. Now I''m a pet groomer and I built my own little salon from the groundup. Pretty similar! Animals have always been my passion.

wanted to be ballerina till I was 15 and fractured part of my foot and couldn''t do it anymore. Currently I''m a full time student and full time adminassistant

I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up, now I'm an accountant. (Still never wanted to be that but it pays the bills way better)

I wanted to be a weather girl. Then wanted to be a model or a stand up comedian. I''m now a pharmacy technician, but I do model locally part time.Still wish I could go back to go back to school and become a weather girl. But with cell phones telling us the weather, I don''t think it''s a smart investment

wanted to be a vet but discovers I was too allergic to pet dander. Doesn't stop me from having pets though

I wanted to be a lawyer for animal rights/welfare and then a vet specializing in research in spay/ neuter alternatives since early spay neuter is badfor dogs and no one knows this. I''m in accounting going to school to be a pilot

when I was 6 I wanted to be a doctor now I'm a women welder!

After I saw the movie Space Camp, I wanted to be an astronaut, and have been obsessed with astronomy and science since. Now, I'm just a stay-at-home mom.

Wanted to be a cop since I was a kid. Went to college, got my degree, was sponsored for free at the academy, currently on my 4th year. Woo!

Oh, and now I'm in the medical field.

Dallas Calboy cheerleader. I''ve never been a fan of the cowboys or known somebody that''s been a cowboy fan, but I always knew that there dancers arethe best.

I wanted to be a veterinarian and later I wanted to Interior design. Now I work in evaluations at Western governors University and I love it

wanted to be a military pilot, I make eyeglasses now, did 2 tours in Afghanistan but not as a pilot.

always wanted to be an author and I fulfilled that dream in 2007 and still going. 18 books and counting.

I wanted to be an actress & singer. I'm in retail management. Let's be real, it was never gonna happen with my pipes.

When I was 3, I wanted to be either a bird or a ice cream man...I'm in healthcare.

Now I work at a great company but I definitely don't need a teaching degree to do what I do.

I wanted to be a lawyer and I am a cashier but going to school fulltime to become a Radiology technician at the age of 41.

I wanted to be a teacher when I was really young but a mental health therapist since I was 17 and that's what I do now.

wanted 2 B a Vet. Parents dissuaded me so I'm in healthcare. job is good & pays well but I absolutely adore animals & still wish I became a vet.

I wanted to be a nurse growing up. Haven't made it to nurse but I'm an MA in pediatrics and love it!

I always wanted to be a teacher, I went to college and got in a lot of debt to get my teaching degree and realized that the profession is completely screwed up so I walked away with my diploma.

I wanted to be a vet and loved to color now I'm a graphic designer and have a cat!

I never cared what I was as long as I was rich... I'm still broke.

I wanted to be an anesthesiologist from age 4 till I was 19 nowI''m a social worker >#

I lived with my ex boyfriend an his roommate would not just eat our food but give it away To our neighbor an say it was from him so get could get high with

I didnt have a certain position/job I wanted, but I have always wanted to work for Delta Airlines and I just got on last year!! I love it

When I was little I wanted to be an ER doctor. Instead I was a firefighter for several years, and I'm now an ER nurse

Csi , marine biologist, pediatric nurse and now I'm a hairstylist and I love it!

I wanted to be a whale/dolphin trainer at sea world. I''m TERRIFIED of water, and water animals. What the heck. I''m now a doctor''s assistant, much better fit. Hope Wayne is feeling better

literally got in trouble in first grade drawing pictures of what we wanted to be when we grew up, the two options that I drew were stripper and maid. My mom got called in to speak to my teacher regarding this. Now I paint cars for a living LOL

Wanted to be a veterinarian, I'm now a store manager for Harmons. Totally polar opposite but I'm happy so I'm not complaining.

I wanted to be a veterinarian or a photographer, I'm 40 and I am an accountant making 80k a yr

I wanted to be a dentist, after high school I didn''t want to go to so much school so I did I the next logical thing and became a roofing salesman. Super glad I went the direction I did by the way!

I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, but I am now in marketing!

I knew at 11 I wanted to be a hospice nurse, I'm now 23 and I've been a hospice nurse for a year. LOVE IT!

my mom told me when I was a kid I used to always say I wanted to be a human when I grew up... last I checked I made it!! ;)

I wanted to be a vet, became allergic to most animals, now I'm a teacher.

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