TEXT TOPIC: Show us your passive aggressive side! PAT texts!

To my coworker who got a new job. A two weeks mean working the rest of your scheduled shifts. Not showing up whenever you think it will work best for you. Hope you know that our boss got all of your shifts covered. Do us a huge favor and don''t show back up.

I'm a teacher, parents please stop asking me if we "doing anything" at the end of the year. Yeah we are learning!

Hey coworker if I piss you off come to me instead of being a baby and crying to the boss. Your over 50 years old not 2

you are so unreliable. If your husband makes enough for you to stay home I dont understand why ur here. Especially if you''ve called in sick 10 times in 6 mo

hey A-hole with the BB gun, not only are you a lousy shot at the birds, but now you''ve hit two of my windows. I''m done playing, next time I''ll call the cops.

Hey Brother - quit being such a poop head. Start being a little kinder to others and own up to your past screwups. Gotta be one in every family and its you! You''re really not better than everybody else

Get off your phone and work. You get paid more than I do and dont even do have the work. Also you''d stop getting fat if you''d stop eating junk all day long. Lazy lazy lazy

Quit saying "not today satan". Funny the first time, NOT the 50th!!

I'm really tired of my boss being angry everyday. Just because you're unhappy doesn't mean you need to make everyone else miserable, especially me.

Work along side the owners son.. He''s 28, paid more then anyoneelse who works there. But doesn''t do the work to earn the pay.. Fed up! Grow up, quite complaining and DO YOU DAMN JOB! Ugh.. >& off to work now! Lord give me strength! =O

when your booty call leaves cigarette butts on the porch, clean it up!

if you are going to make fun of someone. Don't go to that person and tell them who said it and not include yourself

Dear coworker, I know that you are secretly in love with me, but just because I recently got engaged to my long term boyfriend doesn''t give you the right to be an a-hole #growup

stop playing the victim! Be an adult and own your shiz

thanks for starting a family in my basement after you promised to move out before you were married, a year ago, oh and no it''s ok, go 3 months w/o paying rent

Before putting a week's worth of dishes on the counter, check if the dishwasher is dirty and put them away!

bangerter a-hats speed limit is 60 and not 80 and you can get into the next lane instead of riding my butt thank you

to the man who almost ran my 1 year old and I over and then flipped us off. Slow the F down. It''s a grocery store parking lot. Not the Indy 500. You sir are a douche canoe.

hey everyone get a clue!Coworker, stop being obnoxious, you''re new and I hate you. Drivers, left lane is for fast passing cars! "you’re" does exist, stop using "your" for everything!

offered my babies crib or swing so your baby could nap but you chose the car seat. You're a special kind of stupid

FYI adults buy their own batteries. They don't call their mommy to bring them one.

Parents, stop bringing your babies and toddlers to evening movies! I didn't drop $40 to have a bored kid run non stop behind me and touch or pull my hair.

I drop everything to attend your parties & you cant make it to 1 of mine!? I'm obviously not a priority to you guys. Dont expect me to come to yours anymore

campers!!! Clean up after your selves! Some of y'all's parents never taught your cleanliness and it shows!

thank you but, I''m the mom. No need to criticize my child in my home right in front of me.... I have 3 children thank you. I pretty sure I know what I''m doing, and if I don''t I''m pretty sure you''re the last one I''ll ask

Hey Mom, stop commenting on my ex's Facebook posts. I'm over you trying to flirt to get me a husband I don't want

to my mother in law- my husband was off the boob 26 years ago, he's fine. So back off!

Hey people crossing the road while on your cell phone. I know you might have the right of way but you'll still be dead if a car hits you.

Hey hubby, we JUST moved. Please don't ask if your parents can move in with us for a few months.

Baby momma needs the chill! Work with me and compromise with me! Tired of the drama.

to my humming, singing, muttering , throat-clearing coworker...SHUT UP!

hey drivers this morning we're all up so we have to go back to work after a three-day weekend doesn't give you the right to act like a douchebag

hey bestie, all u do is try to make me look bad in front of people & fight with your husband. No one wants to be around you. All those drugs are killing your personality

the job I just left is so politically corrupt it''s practically house of cards Utah style- how about you deliver the unexpected and treat people with respect and earn those awards!

to my husband stop posting quotes on Facebook that have to do with our marital problems!

women please stop inviting me to your baby showers and then saying you need EVERYTHING. I'm not here to support your child, grow up!

Dear Mother Nature, it is summer, go home your drunk! I need sunshine!

you have the entire weekend off yet you don''t pick up your child from your parents or spend time with him . You dump your son off all the time andit''s obvious you don''t want to be him . Instead you go on dates with your cheating husband and ignore your child. Be a damn parent

Dear new hire I don''t mind you messaging me at work with work related questions. But stop messaging me at 1030 at night or 9 times on a weekend and when I don''t respond ask for my phone number. Not about that

hey boss. Maybe the reason our numbers are bad is that for the past 4 years you haven't done any employee reviews?

All the passive aggressive mother in laws, mine in particular: when you go "WOW! You actually look really good today" that''s a back handed compliment... pull your head out, grab your 50''s etiquette book you rave about and learn something!

if you have your driving a van on the freeway with 5 Carr seats #1 BUCKLE your kids in them #2 DON'T DRIVE 90+.

no I will not lend you any more money. You borrow and borrow and never pay back. This is getting old.

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