TEXT TOPIC: When did you set the bar too high?

my boyfriend got me Season tickets to Hale Center Theater. And a book of every text we''ve ever sent each other ''d (excellent gift) I know he IS listening- tell him he doesn''t need to top that!

took my 12 yr old to Luke Bryan/ Jon Pardi for her birthday, on her birthday! I'll never top it!

for my 40th bday month my wife gave me a month of birthday. Dinner of my choice and a gift once a week! She''s the best. So for my 41st bday I said" ARE YOU READY FOR MY BDAY MONTH?" she looked at me like I was a crazy person, I love her so much

for my husbands bdays I have got him playoff jazz tickets , then tickets to Metallica.. this year he got golf stuff as I didn't know what Else to do

set the bar... YOU GUYS!!!! I cant listen to another station. You guys are just too damn good! =

I have had big birthday parties for my girls (limos, bounce parties with half the school , neon parties , shopping sprees, traveled) now they try totrump each year. I''ve created monsters. Ages 14 & 16

I don''t think you have to beat or meet the bar each time. I have a couple of awesome gifts in my life and they are great stand out memories. They don''t blend in and mean nothing.

my aunt got married at 17. She woke up on Christmas morning the first year she was married and didn''t understand why there were no presents. She literally said to her husband, "why didn''t Santa come?"

my fiance got me an $8000 wedding ring (from Shane co) for my last birthday.. wonder what next year will be. Hahahaha

class party for my daughter. Played Deal or no Deal. Cookies instead of money. They picked the 100 cookie case! The kids Loved It! Can't top it!

I bought my mom very expensive Elton john tickets for Christmas. She cried and I don t think I can ever top that lol

you guys set the bar too high!! Whenever you guys are out of town and play a rerun, i try to listen to other morning shows and they''re THE WORST!!!!I just end up turning on my own music!! Lol

my 4 year old has been to disneyland 5 times and disneyworld once... Just got back Monday =

I am an executive assistant and I hired a mariachi band to play for my boss''s birthday. They burst into his weekly c-level executive meeting. The next year I got him a cake.

Still can't keep up with my dating self. 15 years, 4 kids, homes, and several full time jobs later I feel bad every time an event comes around. Shedoesn''t complain, I feel it internally.

Bought my mom a I-pad when I was pregnant, so she could see the baby... then bought her a plane ticket out here when she was born. She now thinks wehave disposable income to "help" her with.

My step mom is mad at me because last year for my dads 50th birthday I did a huge carnival party, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, games, hundreds of ballons, and now she has to do something this year and she has no idea what to do to top it

i used to get a new phone every year. Now that I'm married, my husband doesnt want the bill to go up so now I have to wait until my phone breaks.

the first birthday present I bought for my now husband I bought him tickets for him and I to blink 182 his favorite band. Yep cant beat that.

Frankie, I swear I remember you talking about how you got yourwife a car for Christmas once. Maybe I''m remembering that wrong, but if I''m right your raising the bar comments are hilarious.

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