TEXT TOPIC: What do you have your head in the sand about?

I m not acknowledging that my summer bod is really a dad bod...and I m single as hell haha

I work way to much but refuse to see the impact on my family it would be to hard to look at. #singlemomlife

Moving across the country.. currently hoping that it all plays out.

I need to acknowledge that my relationship is over.

divorce My wife and I know something is wrong and we''ve talked about divorce but every time we talk about it, crap hits the fan so we avoid the conversation all together.

My soul is weeping. I hate my job, im in school (hate it). Single mom, child on the spectrum..no dad around. I'm stuck

My husband doesn't acknowledge the hard work I do at home with our baby. And he forgets to show affection towards me.

My dear husband doesn't see that he can't cut the cord from his mommy and daddy. Yuck.

I don't want to acknowledge the fact that my marriage is over . It's hard to swallow knowing it is slowly breaking .

my heart has been broken since February when the guy i was with ended things without explanation Keeping busy to avoid feeling it, It hits me randomly

I need to acknowledge that I''m a 40 year old single mom. I''m not young anymore & I need to find a good balance between balancing my kids, jobs, and my well being. I need to find some time for myself.

I have 3 maxed out credit cards and already 5k on the 4th. Getting out of debt is my main goal but I keep on spending.

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