TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who or what are you thankful for?

Thank you to all the teachers!! We had the best teachers this year, 1 finished preschool 1 finished 1st grade!

want to say thank you to the angels that run the day camp I take my dog too. She comes home EXHAUSTED & I don't have to wear her out myself!

can I just say thank you to all the teachers out there. You really are amazing. I don't know how you do it to be honest. All teachers need a raise

want to thank my mom for everything she has done! I also want thank you guys for being so helpful when I wanted to get my brothers song on the radio :-)

Big thanks to all the teachers in the special Ed department at Davis junior high.

thank you frankie and jess for having an amazing show. You make my morning drive to work so much better. You guys are awesome you always keep me laughing

I know my mom, Tammie, is listening because we listen every single morning because we''re trying to win that $1,000; we also love you guys! Thankful for all you do.

Thanks to all the teachers in Granite School district as the school year comes to an end this week

I have so many people to thank, my husband for watching my three boys while I was stuck on a standby pass in Omaha for 3 extra days. My neighbors who stepped in to help watch them so my husband could go to work. It takes a village people, and I love mine!

my hubby. He works hard to provide for our family long hours and stressful. Willing to live in a trailer In WY for a month to keep us taken care of

Grateful for u of neuropsych institute . My 13 y om's sent 3 weeks there. The teen was strong for us both and knowledgeable . Saved my baby.

I''m getting married in June and the whole process has made me feel so grateful for my family, especially my parents. Big life events make you realize who your tribe is and I''m so grateful for mine.'

want to thank all the NICU nurses at Ogden regional my baby was born at 32 weeks and she has been in the hospital since. They have been amazing and she should be coming home this weekend.

thanks to Merit college preparatory Academy for a great year.

want to say thank you to my husband Ryan. I appreciate you so much!! You are an amazing dad and husband. Beckham and I are so lucky to have you. Love you babe!

Thankful for: -family visiting me -no traffic this morning

Thankful Thurs- Thank you to all of the teachers who have had taught and guided my son over the last 12 years, even the ones we didn''t always agree with (you have to learn how to live with everybody in this world LOL) He graduates next week!

I'm grateful for you guys and making me laugh and smile

I''m grateful to have won cancer this year!! I got it from my first pregnancy, it was really hard but I''m alive and my one year old is amazing! Whatdoesn''t kill you makes you stronger life is good heather

I want to thank my husband for not killing me for shopping. When he works away from home I shop more.

thank you to lotsa toys daycare. Today my 5 year old graduated preschool. I couldn''t ask for better people to help raise my kids. Corbyn and Zoey love you guys to the moon and back!

thanks to my boss for being so chill when I have to leave to take care of kiddos

Thankful for my babysitter Kirby. She takes such good care of my little man while I work!

thank you guys for taking the time to acknowledge my text about flaws yesterday. Was in a dark place, n you changed my whole day.

want to say Thank you to the Utah Cancer Center at Jordan Valley for caring for my mom and our family! The Office staff is amazing and provide us with friendship and laughs through the tough days!

thankful for Mr X who shared his story about his suicide thoughts and attempt. So many people are afraid to talk about it, but they aren't alone.

thankful for God for always being by side during my most challenging times with my son.

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