TEXT TOPIC: Do you live with your in laws? For how long?

married 11 years and we've always lived with family. They drive us nuts. We want to move on our own but apartments are expensive houses are expensive.

hubby and I have been with my parents for 3 years. They all love it. I'm ready for my own place! #stupidhousing

my husband and I are living with his parents right now. We aren''t sure when we will move out, I''m in nursing school and don''t have a lot of time to work. Money is tight and living with them is awful. Let''s just say my MIL has almost seen my naked TWICE

I lived with my ex husband and his parents for 6 years. Never an exit plan (unbeknownst to me). I just wanted a place of our own and he wanted to stay with mommy and daddy. Needless to say I reached my breaking point,, especially since his mom was verbally abusive

It's been 7 months of occasional hell. We were supposed to be here for a year, but we are making an exit by the end of the month.

Hubs & I living in my parents basement, been here 4 weeks, have 2 more to go then we're in our new house. Has been short & sweet! #grateful

was supposed to live with in-laws for 1 year. Ended up being there for 3, and now we live next door

My daughter and her boyfriend live with his mom and have been for a year. His mom is emotional rollercoaster and they are buying a home at the end of the month. My daughter can''t wait to get away from his mom

We''ve lived with my boyfriends parents for 8 months. It''s been great and helped us save for our house that we are remodeling. Hopefully we will be out in a month.

my ex husband moved in, thanksgiving 2013 for "six months" to get back on his feet. Well, it''s 2019 and he''s still here and my dad won''t kick him out because its "mean". Fml.

living in my in laws basement apartment for 3 yrs now. We''re closing on our first home in two weeks though! It''s been hard on our marriage so I''m ready to move out.

We are moving in next month to my parents until mid November. We are building, our rental lease expires & if we go month/month rent goes up $200 more a month.

husbands brother got married and moved wife and her daughter into his downstairs bedroom at moms house. Still there, 2 years 2 kids later no end in sight.

we have been at my in-laws for 8 yrs it has been good mostly. We are trying to find a house right now but if it doesn''t happen this summer we will be here for another year.

My girlfriend and I live with her parents. We are riding that gravy train until the e.n.d

living with wife''s parents - moves in because wife had major health issues and couldn''t afford apartment - then we had a baby - no idea when we''re moving out :(

13 years plan was to move out 11 years ago every time We are close we been hit with high medical expenses and the job loss

lived in a different state and moved here to live with my boyfriend. (I had previously lived here). We lived with his parents for 2-3 months and I couldn''t take it.

hubby and I living w/my parents sold our house made over 100k now just need 6-12 months to find our forever home with horse property

We live with my MIL have been here since October we were planning on moving in January we got pre approved for a house and the next day I went into preterm labor and the my baby came so we are still stuck here. looking for a house with a newborn isn''t real life.

been over 3 years with the in laws. Sold our house. Plan was to pay off debt then get a new home. Home prices what they are now have made that impossible. We would be worse off then we were before.

My ex husband and I lived with his parents for the 6 years we were married. We divorced 7 years ago, I got my own place after the divorce, while he is still at his parents.

Been at the in laws for about a year. Everyday is passive aggressive Tuesday with my mother in law, not great. but we qualified for a grant and just closed on a condo and move out within the next month!!

my wife''s family member moved into their in-laws when they got married in 1990 until their home was complete still living there now 29 years later. The house was finished in 1996. Just don''t want to move out of parents

sold our house and moved in with the in laws... planned on saving additional money for upwards of 2 years, ended up under contract after only three months haha it drove us nuts

my 3 cousins in their mid 30s all still live w their mom along with their spouses and kids. 8 grandkids. #losers

my car caught on fire in my garage living with in laws now for 3 weeks I love them but I want my house to be done now. #impatientmomma

We are one week away from our first anniversary and yesterday/last night we moved into my FIL s house where we restaying until our condo is finished being built. It will be just acouple months. I m so excited for our new condo and so grateful tohim for letting us stay with him in the mean time.

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