TEXT TOPIC: What are your 3 flaws?

1 I am always late. 2 I don't really care that I am late. 3 I always people think negative thoughts about me

I am overly sensitive. I lack self confidence. I don''t take great care of my body I over eat when I am feeling sad and honestly when I am bored it''s a bad habit to break

I'm too hairy. (I'm a girl..) I have mental health issues. I'm selfish at times.

Too loyal, anxiety, too hard on myself

lack confidence, I can get jealous quickly & I'm a procrastinator.

I'm stubborn, I hold grudges and I don't like to admit when I'm wrong.

3 flaws about me are: 1. I never give myself credit for anything I succeed or am good at. 2. I don''t take complements well. I get awkward when people complement me and come off rude. I don''t mean to be. 3. I have RBF really bad.

I'm such a grudge holder! OCD hand washing. I have control issues, I don't like being controlled AT ALL

have no patience To outspoken bordering on rude I want to fix everything.

I''m a horrible communicator, just ask my wife. 2. I avoid confrontation like the plague. 3. I always need positive reinforcement from others that I''m doing well.

people call me baby Eminem, because when you push and cross me I can destroy you with my words. I''m extremely too bluntI don''t follow through with things because I want to do it ALL

I care too. much mostly about what others think. I dont show emotion very well- I could be very happy or excited and you wouldnt know. I have a hard time being punctual

lazy, hearing "I love you" doesn't automatically make me feel loved, can't stay healthy.

I'm a pleaser, I'm to forgiving, and I'm forgetful have to write everything down These are hard for me I get walked on and then I'm like dorie and forget

Too trusting of people - Worry too much - Better listener to my teenagers.

not able to make friendships, also super defensive and totally lack confidence and it sucks because now I see it in my daughter and it kills me because she is so amazing!!

One of my many flaws is I shut down when I'm hurt!

tend to be very rude, prideful or tend to gloat if I dont know or like you. I am trying to learn how to be more friendly and not have a resting b**ch face

I have the hardest time saying no. This has gotten me into some tricky situations like people living with us forever.. I have a slightly crooked nose. I give a lot of details and need a lot of details.

I''m late all the time, I cuss too much (not bad words, but my husband doesn''t like it), I talk too much, tell Wayne I hear him..I''m not close to my parents. I''m working on it and I wish they would.

I'm always running late, I don't trust people and if someone does me wrong they are dead to me

I can't ask for help, don't like to admit when I'm wrong, and control freak

I set expectations too high for other people 2. I hold a grudge 3. I'm critical of myself

I overshare, BIG TIME! Makes people extremely uncomfortable and I just cant stop. I don''t let people help me, mix of pride and feeling like a burden.I am extremely honest, which people say is a good thing but it could be done better seeing as no one likes me because of it

if I start to succeed, I will quit whatever I''m doing. I get scared that I will fail if I succeed too much.

I'm a hoarder 2. Need to lose weight 3. Procrastinator

analyze everything! I lack confidence so badly I need reassurance all the time, I care too much about what others think and also I have a hard time following through on things

i come off as mean it's my tone of voice and when it's pointed out i become defensive and sarcastic

procrastinate too much, I say "I''m sorry" WAY too much, I need to be in control of everything, like an over protecting mom of everyone, from adult siblings to my own children.

can’t let go of how my life SHOULD have been (husband was killed by a drunk driver), I avoid hard conversations, I am so hard on myself-solo parenting is brutal

Many flaws but biggest is cutting people out before they leave me. Mom was married and divorced 5 times by my 18th b-day. Would never let things get serious and always sabotage relationships. Thank god for my amazing husband for sticking it out, he’s taught me so much.

My biggest flaw is my alcoholism. I've worked really hard to stay sober the last 7 months so I'm not such a B word to everyone!

I don’t show affection well, Don’t take compliments well, and I care way too much what people think of me. It make a me so sad because I feel my family doesn’t feel loved by me and I can’t be myself in big groups.

Hate my laugh - feels good to laugh but always embarrassed after it''s loud and I snort *Love to craft - sold my stuff before but when I see others work, mine doesn''t look good enough *im too hard on myself!

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