TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family who is pushy with their business?

CHOCOLATE BARS!! My sisters kids sell them. She always asks me how many boxes I want. Boxes? I'll take one candy bar, please.

my sister works at an expensive salon. She's always angry when I go somewhere else. I can get the same services half off somewhere else!

I have an acquaintance who sells life ins and retirement products. Very pushy to meet and tells me how terrible my 401K is through my job. Pushy doesn’t sell

My uncle in law is a realtor. He calls us Twice a month to try and talk us out of breaking our apartment lease and getting a house through him. #Frustrating

my cousin sells cannabis and he keeps telling me to buy from him and I don''t even smoke!

My Grandma is the pusher. She has done many home businesses. Asked my husband she has never met to invest.

My sister is a loan officer and she will cut ties and talk crap about them forever if a person doesn't use her

I''ve got a cousin that sells some BS MLM product. she tries to get everyone to quit their prescriptions for anxiety depression and other mental health issues and promise this is better. Says it can fix diabetes and cancer as well.

a family members sells oils. Calls all the time asking what oils we need and want and when my child is sick they called to tell me what oils I need to put on the child. Nah Karen I''m going to take my Fevering hacking up a lung child to the doctor

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