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I'm so proud my son made it through this school year without getting suspended SUCCESS

2morrow 16-yr-old is graduating a yr early with my 18-yr-old and 2yrs ago my 21 -22-yr old bought a house 2gether. All 4 has accomplished so much in their life already.

My son never has to be asked to get his homework done and because I know he’s doing his best, I don’t stress him out about hitting a 4.0...and don’t look at his grades until after the term is over. He’s also been voted by his peers three years in a row to be on Hope Squad-a group of students that peers can talk to when feeling suicidal. He’s just a good dude.

I am so proud of my youngest. Graduating from HS and heading to college on a soccer/academic scholarship. Yahoo....I''m done!

My daughter is a straight A student and on the junior Olympic circuit for gymnastics so she trains five days a week for several hours but mostly I''m proud of the kind human being she is!

my son Armani is only 6 but I am the proudest mom. He is the kindest soul, and cares about every human, animal, and bug. I never have to get after him because he’s just such a great kid and makes being a mom so so easy. He brings me to tears of gratitude

have to brag about my daughter who will be 3 in August she is beautiful mature and intelligent as a 4 year old and is fully potty trained! Woot woot

My oldest daughter, graduated early last year, just started her second semester of nursing school, and just became engaged a coupleof weeks ago. I am so proud and lover her so much. I couldn''t ask for a better daughter

Bragging about my 12 y/o daughter Mikayla and her cheer team Jewels. Does competitive cheer with Dynasty Athletics and just competed at ESPN Worldwide Sports Center in FL. (Super Bowl of cheerleading) Got 2nd place in the entire nation for her division! Congrats Jewels, Mikayla, and Dynasty Athletics

My 4 year old is reading at an advanced 1st grade level! Literacy is my passion, and I am so proud of her and excited to show her more of my favorite books that I read growing up!

SO proud of my 11 yr old son Kaden - he''s kind,works hard to be a great hockey player,trustworthy,takes care of his siblings, he''s all around a goodkid! Love his little self

proud parent, my kindergartener is graduating

proud parent of all 3 my girls, way smart n beautiful more then I could of ever hoped for a lil to handle every once in a while but what kids ain't

my daughter Violet kicked butt on her DIBELS testing & broke her first board in karate. My bonus kid Beckham is graduating from preschool next week &is killing it in soccer! So proud at how hard my kids work & how much they accomplished this last year

my sweet 15 mo. old says please and thank you. So better manners than many adults lol

son graduated from college last week!! He was a troubled teenager and I wasn't sure he was going to live at times. He beat the odds

proud of my middle school age kids. Have maintained a 3.0 average after struggling for the last two years in school. Also for remaining good teens regardless of the stereotype

16 yo daughter started first job at Old Navy!!!

my son Zack is a ninth grader in junior high school and just finished his first season as a starter playing varsity lacrosse for the high school team. So proud of him.

My son Damon has joined the Marines and leaves for boot camp in August. I''ve always encouraged him to make his own decisions and get out of Utah and see the world. Didn''t expect this so extremely proud of him. Darrell

So proud of my baby, he graduates high school next week and the following week he starts a new job

have to brag about my 5 year old she just started to read on her own.

want to shout out to Kaysia Verret. She just got accepted into the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)

So proud of my daughter, Whitley! Graduating as a foot zoned tomorrow. Proud momma here!

I'm proud of my 6 yr old, Valencio. He is in K and is at a reading level of a 2nd grader! Way to go son.

As an incoming sophomore, my daughter auditioned and made Wind Symphony at her high school, which is mostly juniors & seniors. Proud mama.

want to shout out to all my kids they have really been helping helping me take care of my grandma. ( The 101 year old)

My son Taylor just graduated from J Reuben Clark Law School in provo. Paid for everything himself receiving Pell Grants. Super proud of him!

proud of my daughter following her dream to work ad a dental hygienist since the age of 5! 1 more year and she''ll be done with school, graduating with a bachelors degree! Hard work pays off!

shout out to my awesome 5 year old Weston, who graduates preschool today. So proud to be your mom! Love you buddy!!

My 3 year old scored his first goal in soccer last week. He was so pumped!

my daughter Riley, graduating corner canyon high school with honors, 4 year high school cheerleader, won Florida Nationals last year, placed 7th this year, finishing cosmetology school in the summer & attending UVU spring. She''s a bad A

Our triplets class of ''19, Sierra Mercedes and Jasinda! They''re amazing and we''re so proud of them! No I didn''t birth them, they have an awesome mom who went through that! I''m glad I get to be apart of it!

My 17 year-old son Has a 4.0 average in high school, plays comp soccer and helps around the house. I love this kid! He brings joy and Humor into our family! So proud!

My kid just started walking and he''s only 8 months! While I''m having unrealistic visions of sport highlight reels, I''m also terrified because he''s still too young to understand us and now is getting into literally everything!

I have two baby girls (4 & 1), they are both such smart cookies, one is going to enter Pre-K and the other is ready to start potty training!

My 3 yr old has learned the Pledge Of Allegiance. It makes my American heart so proud to hear her say it

I am a teacher, and all 4 of my kids are teachers. I'm so proud of their service.

So proud of my son Fisher. He''s had 2 overcome speech issues, working memory issues & dyslexia. Had 2 grow up with his Dad having a stroke & dealing with 5 different types of Cancer, major surgeries & procedures, a Mom that has an autoimmune disease & major surgeries. He is Senior Class President,Salutatorian, & has been inducted into the National Honor Society 4 Technical Colleges & is graduating with high honors. Has been captain of the Volleyball, Basketball & Soccer teams. A genuinely nice, sweet person. Love you 2 the stars & back!

Very proud of my 3 adult kids. They work hard everyday to support their family.

I am so proud of my son who deals with a racist bully at school and always rises above.

so proud of my kiddos- my son graduates high school today andmy daughter graduates from her Navy "A"''school tomorrow. She''ll behome Thursday , the first time in 8 months ''d

my amazing 26 year old daughter who is the best dispatcher and paying her way through the police academy to pursue her dreams while working full time and being the best mom

My son who suffers from severe anxiety and depression just finished his freshman year at USU. So proud

placed a daughter for adoption 18 years ago yesterday she graduated hs and we were there to celebrate her and cheer for her as she walked the red carpet

mom of 4. Big week for all kids. Tyler did awesome at his band concert. Brooklyn has done very well in school and his her Hawaiian dance this week. Corbyn and zoey succeeded in their spring dance recital. And Corbyn turns 5 today. I couldn''t be more proud to be their mom!

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