TEXT TOPIC: Passive Agressive Tuesday! What is your PA text?

you in your big lifted truck, stop pulling 10 inches ahead of me at an intersection so I can't see traffic from my electric car.

you’re married get off the dating websites and screwing around with other women.

oh you didn't want kids? If only men had a permanent solution to your problem. Go get snipped and shut up!

Dear Matthew, throwing a tantrum like a toddler isn''t necessary every time you don''t get what you want. You are pushing 30. Grow the hell up and start set a better example for our daughter.

Going thru drive up, why bother asking me if I want sauce and what kind if I answer in the affirmative and you dont put any in the bag. #missinghotsauce

hey Karen, I get that fast food is a hard gig, but don't act like you're doing me a favor getting me ranch. It's your job!!!

Dear Gavin . You all are crazy. You cause issues like nobody I have ever seen. You are the biggest drama queen and crybaby I have ever met. And you are a grown ass man with kids. From your entire Roy neighborhood

Close your damn door! Im trying to park in the only spot available in the lot and you have the door open putting on makeup!

To my coworkers...stop the drama, you don't have to like each other but you need to be professional and work together. We aren't in high school anymore

you owe me a huge apology. Im an adult and make my own decisions and you don't get to judge me for them.

had a co worker spreading rumors that i slapped her after she got fired... Totally a lie, but man, now i want to not just slap her, but beat the crap out of her!!!

Thanks for completely forgetting our 10 year wedding anniversary. #StillFrustrated

You pay me to be your nanny while your at WORK, not to be your nanny while you go pamper yourself, hang out with friends, etc. I have my own life, my own husband, my own stuff to take care of. I don''t have time to raise your kids. Be a parent

Stop with the lies! There are always 3 sides to the story the truth, your side and their side.

After 30+ years on the same job if you still need constant recognition your pathetic. Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. Ugh!!

to all single men in their 30's, grow the eff up and learn how to treat a lady! #tinderistheworst

Just cause your their father does not mean that your kids will respect and like you. It''s your actions towards them that cause them to hate you and it''s not my fault. I am tired of you blaming me for your own actions!

You spend way too much time worrying about how I spend my time at work. You obviously aren''t doing your own job if you have so much time to spend worrying about what I''m doing with mine

if its raining hard enough outside that you need to use your wipers turn your lights on

Dear X Don''t text our child and tell him that you''re there for him after you couldn''t even contact him after he got attacked by a dog you a** hat geta life. The only reason you are even talking to him was because he texted you 1st You''re pathetic and you make me sick

mom, I love you but your judgmental attitude and negativity makes me not like you. You act like you''re better than everyone and like we can''t function without you dictating our lives.

when it's raining and been raining there is no need to have your sprinklers on

to my boyfriend’s ex wife, pull your self centered head out of your ass and step it up as a mom to your son. You have missed 3 of his baseball games and his game last night was on his birthday !

hey people if your too busy or lazy to go get your own food at least TIP the people bringing it to you

social media is destroying your relationship. You have a beautiful, loving girl and you keep looking for better. You''re going to lose her. The grass isnt always greener. You''re 43 no longer 20.

Even if I'm not in your wedding line, you're really not that hard of a bride to show up.

Facebook is a SOCIAL media platform. Not a political one. I'm so sick of everyone's rants. Take it to the polls, people!

I always go to extended family functions I''m invited to. I recently had a party and none of them came. I posted a meme about it(passive aggressive) and they liked it!! not sure what to do now

How about you help with your sons drug addiction, instead of making up excuses for Him?

going back to a lying cheating narcissistic ex is only going to give you heartache in the near future and a huge set back..

You didn't give me the job so stop asking me to do the job

thank you to the dr that did a botched hip replacement! When I said something wasn''t right maybe you should have listened going in next week to get your screw up fixed!

When we have FOUR "Student Driver Please Be Patient" plastered on the car when our 15 yr old is driving that prob means shes LEARNING. Dont get on her butt when shes going the speed limit or honk when she doesnt go the first 2 seconds the light turns green. #HonkAgainIllShoveThatHornUpYourA$$!

broke up with someone special to be with you and you just talk to your ex like it''s ok. Not OK. I''m upset at myself cause things haven''t changed with you!

Customers in stores if you break something like bottles of water tell the employees, people can get seriously hurt or permanently disabled because of your carelessness.

there are less than two weeks of school oh, how do you still not know how morning drop-off works? Study and learn before next year

Herriman drivers: please chill out, you’ll get where you need to go! I moved here a month ago, and people are so impatient, aggressive and honk happy! Relax and remember what being a courteous driver is please!!

dear family stop asking my daughter when her soccer games are & getting her hopes up that you’ll be there! It breaks her heart when you don’t show up for her, a-holes!

we don't REALLY care about your problems, unless it's a true emergency. We get called for BS all day

2 the girls talking smack about 30 yr old males on tinder. Don''t judge if you are on the app 2. Also don''t be that woman who says I want a good guy, but you have to make 6 fig & have abs.


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