TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: EMT and Paramedics

my husband is full time paramedic and fire. He says they are overworked and underpaid. Also you don’t rat on your homies ># They really do some dangerous things and the public doesn’t care. If my husband is helping on the freeway slow down idiots! He needs to come home to his daughter and wife!

we don't REALLY care about your problems, unless it's a true emergency. We get called for BS all day

We hate it when we are trying to do our job and handling a traffic accident and people slow down and rubber neck! There have been so many other accidents that happen because of others carelessness and that’s the last thing we need is another patient!

I just found out (from the life flight crew that flew my son 5 years ago) that the flight nurses have to clean the inside of the helicopter, for instance my son’s waterfall of barf, god bless them! The pilots are also responsible for gassing up and maintaining the helicopters.

EMT and paramedics are sick individuals the more bloody, gruesome or Intense the call the more we like it!

EMT paramedics hate nursing homes

Emergency medical personnel have seen pretty much everyone naked. It's ok if you're naked!

you see blood and gore all the time on TV but it is so different seeing it in real life. How many times have you seen someone get shot on TV? I''m telling you it''s different when you show up on scene and the blood is real and people''s pain isn''t an act.

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