TEXT TOPIC: What excuse did you use to get out of something?

used an excuse yesterday to get out of a family thing. I said that I had something with my husbands family and couldn’t go because I recently miscarried and my cousin is pregnant and my other cousin is about to give birth and I just did not want to hear about it all night.

use my T1 diabetes all the time! Got invited to a baby shower? Sorry my blood sugars are to low! Wanna work an extra shift? Sorry my diabetes is acting up like crazy

told my friend who was getting married I couldn't go to there wedding cause relatives were in town. But really I just didn't want to attend a 6th wedding

Once had a co-worker take the whole day off because she needed to take her daughter to the dentist... Cuz that takes the entire day

someone told me their kid is sick repeatedly....if it's true that's horrible but it's probably not

Excuse was i am washing my hair. (Take the hint dude - i dont wanna go out with you).

told a guy I wasn't ready to date because I still wasn't over my ex. Truth was that he was a huge sexist and I couldn't stand being around him.

asked a friend to hang out and she said she'd check with her boyfriend and I never hear back.

legit got a flat 30 min before I had to get the kids to the dentist. Called them they didn't believe me charged $50 I told them I'd even bring receipt.

told my boss I had gout bc my passion for the job has died due to micro management and as a member of management I hate my job now. It's not fun anymore

I am usually busy running around and my kids are never consistent with their hours at work or school. So I use that as an excuse constantly to get out of something.

I tell every panhandler I meet that I don't carry cash. Sometimes it's true.

backed out of a date. Told him that my family planned a last minute camping trip and were hitting the road in a few hours

my brother in law couldn''t come for Mother''s Day dinner because he had "inventory " at work. Yeah since people do inventory on Mother''s Day. Found out he was home mowing his lawn and didn''t want to come.

my niece asked me to babysit so she could go "figure out her child support". It was after 5 on a Friday night.. I knew that wasn''t the reason so I told her I''d watch her even though that wasn''t the reason. She apologized.. woke up Sat. Morning to a Facebook post of the ugliest most uneven tattoo she got fri night. Haha

always give excuses when my Sisters-in-law asks for help, I usually say sorry we got scheduled date night... ya it''s called date night any where except helping her.

TMI, I have heavy periods & will use that to get out of things. "Sorry, can't, that's the 1st day of my period, gotta stay close to my potty."

asked parents 2 attend counseling 2 repair relationship. Their excuse, "we want to travel instead" yet they invite us to dinner the following week

just called in late to work today because I couldn''t find my work keys. I told my boss my babysitter was sick so I had to take them to school later in the morning.

my 17 year old son has gotten out of doing dishes after dinner for years by using the excuse " I gotta go! I'm gonna explode!". Yeah right.

Ex bro in law never went to work and his excuse was always mom got her appendix out. After 4 times boss said "i thought ppl only had 1.

excuse for dad not to go to his own daughters funeral "my heart hurts." well no shiz! All of our hearts are hurting and we're still showing up.

had an employee call in sick one night, next day they were at work talking about how good spring fling was the night before. Time to find a new job dumb ass

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