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I took a chance and asked, and Gail Halverson the Candy Bomber from WW2 is coming to my daughters class today. I'm so excited!!!!

Went to Celine Dion this last weekend! She is AMAZING! Frankie, you still have time to go see her ;).

Good News...This teacher is happy that it's the last week of school! 4 1/2 days left! Yahoo!

ran the rainy Ogden half (13.1 miles) in 3 hours and it was my first marathon! Only downside was that my husband finished 14 minutes after me. He ran the full (26.3).

sold my trailer so now I can buy a smaller one to haul with my new Durango.

I’m getting married Saturday

last week of school!! Whoot!! Teacher life! Plus bro in law is graduating medical school!!

husband and I celebrate our first anniversary this week and are headed to New York!! So excited!

after 2 months the kids and I are driving to mesquite to see my husband. He's been working out of state and we miss him

Was just accepted to an MBA program. Excited to start school again and fulfill a promise to my grandma that past recently.

My son graduates high school on Thursday. 1 down, 3 to go!

we were in Moab this weekend as well. It was rally on the rocks for side by sides. Soooo much fun. 

Just came home from a week in Disneyland... Boo, but closed on my first home this last Friday so yay!

my fianc finally left retail and has found a job with a software company and now has weekends off and a set schedule. I''m so proud of him. Working retail sucks and it was draining him cause of all the hours he worked.

Tomorrow is my first appt @ total health & fitness Thx Frankie 4 sharing your experiences

I'm 32, finally met my soulmate on a cruise ship and now I'm moving to Vegas to take things further!

after backpacking for 4 days with her school by baby girl is coming home!! Woo hoo! Okay she's 14 but she still my baby.

It's my husband and I's 3rd anniversary tomorrow 

it's payday, and I also passed my exam on Friday that I studied for 6 months for! YEET

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