TEXT TOPIC: Are you or did you stay together for the kids?

Growing up in a household where my father was an angry drunk who was physically and emotionally abusive and my mom was codependent and constant fighting we all wished they’d split. After 19 years of hell they finally divorced

wish my parents would have and still do wish they would divorce. My whole life they have fought and blame each other for the others problems. Now that me and my siblings are all grown in our 20''s and 30''s, they STILL fight all the time to where we don''t care to be around them that much because it''s not enjoyable. Toxic toxic toxic!

use to wish my parents would get a divorce when I was a kid. They just existed in the same house. No love no interaction. I married a man with kids and an ex wife. Now that I''m in the mix of the situation, it''s the worst. The kids suffer the most. Splitting up is only the beginning. No matterhow much we try the kids do not have stability or consistency. They are forced to go back and forth and they learn about things that kids just shouldn’t have to contemplate. I''m so grateful my parents stayed together for the kids.

wish my parents split they taught me terrible relationship habits knowing my worth is hard I think bad situations are normal. Don't stay for the kids

My parents should have gotten divorced. All the kids have serious commitment issues now!

My boyfriend stayed in his former marriage because anytime he tried to leave she wouldn''t let him see the kids. She''s a shiz show and he thought the kids would be better off with at least one stable parent in the house. They had separate bedrooms & lives for over 10 years.

saw the toxic relation my grandparents had and I heard from my friends about how they wish their parents would just split. I chose to leave for the kids, not stay together. It turned out great.

My parents should have gotten divorced. 42 years of marriage later and both are miserable but it's not financially smart for them to get divorced now.

I have epilepsy due to the stress of my mom staying with stepdad. I hate him. He tore my self esteem apart. I allowed my exes to treat me horribly

wish my mom and stepdad got divorced when we were younger they didn't and now that all the kids are out they are doing great.

honestly I wish they got divorced when I was younger both are better off now and I have really bad anxiety stemming from their constant fighting staying together ISNT HELPING YOUR KIDS

my parents divorced when i was 18 but should have 15 years earlier . Mom was insane and abusive now has almost no relations with kids or grandkids

my sister would tell me that she was staying till her kids were 18. But it was horrible relationship. Both would cheat on each other and have full blown fights in front of the kids.

stayed with my husband for the kids for 5 years. He was physically abusive in front of the two boys we had. They were so little, and when we would fight

My sister stayed in her marriage cause she thought it would be better for the kids until last year when he attacked her. Now she''s learned through therapy that all of them had suffered abuse even though at the time it wasn''t physical. She now is divorcing him but it''s very ugly cause he''s a douche thinking that he doesn''t have a job therefore he doesn''t have to pay child support. What a loser!!

Because my parents aren't divorced, I have no idea what a healthy relationship looks like & I'm terrified of marriage and not very good with relationships.

Wayne is exactly right. My parents constantly fought whenever my dad was home, and when I was in high school I asked them just to split already, andyes, they turned the yelling at me and said that was just how they talked. I moved out 2 days after I graduated from high school.

My parents marriage was bad their divorce was bad. It's still bad 26 years later. Life is hard.

How do you know when it's the right time to get divorced? If you don't get divorced and you stay with the children then the kids get traumatized.

My parents had a wonderful divorce and I am so glad because I was able to watch them be happy and build successful relationships and learn from that instead of learning that marriage and relationships are about being unhappy and stuck

There is no right or wrong answers in a divorce, or separation. It will always be a change that affects everyone no matter what the decision or outcome

stayed with my ex for our kids. He was evil to myself and kids. We walked on eggshells. If I could go back and take the hurt away from my kids I would''ve.

my mom told me my dad cheated on her and the only reason she''s with him now is because he had a stroke and he can''t take care of himself. I''m the only one who knows.

I was eight when my parents got divorced, I remember how different each were and how much better they were as parents and people when they separated. To this day I''m still glad they got divorced.

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