TEXT TOPIC: How did you get revenge in a playful way?

Bro was being huge jerk. So casually to his current fling, I proceeded to call her all of the past 4 flings names, like it was an accident!

had a manager that was a beast. I passed her in the hall one day as she was heading to present a project to upper administration. Her zipper was down and I did not say a word...

got revenge on my ex by starting a family with his sister.

My ex husband asked me to help him shop for an engagement ring for his 4th wife. I went with him found the cheapest ugliest smallest diamonds ring I could and convinced him it was beautiful and that she''d love it. Chuckled inside while he bought it.

got revenge hiring my HS bully. I could have not hired him, but it's more fun getting a coffee mug every bosses day from him

Got revenge on my friend by putting his car for sale for $1 on KSL

Met guy on Match. He went back to ex wife. I logged into his match account and changed everything to men meeting men.

My younger brother embarrassed/made fun of me while we played video games. I flooded his bedroom to get my "Revenge" on him. I listen to you guys every morning, love you Frankie, Jess, Kylie, and Wayne!!

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