TEXT TOPIC: Thank you!!! Who do you wanna say thanks to!?

Thankful 4 a hubby who took on me and my 3 boys and is now doing a g8 job at keeping up my demanding love sched. 2 get my eggs fertilized by him – swoon

I want to thank you guys, I've been dealing with depression for a while now, and your show is the one thing that helps push me along

Just started a small lawn mowing company. I wanted to thank my wife and kids for all of their help with it. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to have it going on the side

thanks to my hardworking hot hubby and amazing smart and talented

huge thanks to my grandma (works at a vet office) who doesn't charge me when I, an over worried dog mom, calls to ask the vets opinion on something.

4 month old son. Motivates me to work harder. Love your show.

Thank you to the man who taught me how to know how to be loved and what i truly deserve in life. You know who you are.

thanks to the neighbor that scared away my child's would be abductors! He was in the right place@ right time!

Thanks to my mama for signing up at Total Health & Fitness with me!! I am happy we are going to get healthy together. Love you mommy!!

want to thank everyone who stuck by my side and let me learn my lessons without pushing me away. Now I am getting divorced and I seriously can''t thank everyone enough. Mom, dad, friends, etc.

grateful for my hubs who doesn't trivialize my dog mom worries

want to thank my boyfriend for being a great stepdad to my son and a wonderful father to our daughter! Happy 7 year anniversary!!

thanks to my hubs for being the best dad and suffering through sleepless nights w/ me while our baby is teething

Thankful for my boyfriend. I suffer from anxiety and depression. He knows my triggers. If I''m stressed about being short on a bill. He will pay the difference to keep me from having a panic attack. And when I do have one he will come to my house and just sit with me. So, thank you J for being my stability for the past 4 years

thank you Elise and Katy for listening & being there during an extremely difficult time in my marriage. Staying sane cuz of you both, luv u

thankful for my boyfriend who is my safe. Best friend.

Thank you to my oldest daughter who has been my rock lately I'm pregnant and single and she has been so supportive and understanding through this process

thanks to my teenage son for being amazing, smart, ethical and the best kid ever.

just want to say thank you to UDOT''s incident management team, they are the guys in the big white trucks on the freeway that are helping all of the stranded motorists. They are not appreciated enough. Thank you!!

Thanks to my friend Rich, he came and picked me up and took me to dinner because I am struggling big time after being lied to by my tax guy and have$1000 less than expected, and he knows I''m too prideful to ask for help so just came to help with a little bit of stress

I want to thank my wife for supporting my decision to go into law enforcement. I had my first interview two days ago. Love you babe!!

I love you guys thank you for your show

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