TEXT TOPIC: Demo check! Who is listening?

Nic Trujillo, 34, hello IRS...

42, F, school crossing guard in Ogden

34 female criminal background checks

31 years old, Female, Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Brittany, 32, Clinic Manager at an Ophthalmology practice! Love you guys, you make my mornings!

Female. 31. Microbiologist lab tech

49 Female tax examiner

25 Female Teller

Tiffany almost 30 finish work and mom of three, they are like a full time job

I'm 36, I live in lehi, i am a welder and I listen from 6 to 10. I have listened for about 15 years.

29 year old stay at home mom of 4 beautiful kiddos

I'm a 27 yr old male I work as a chemist for Young Living Essential Oils I've been listening to you all everyday for 2 yrs. Love the show!

37 year old female and I'm a DCFS caseworker

Female, medical office manager, 54

38 female hospice CNA

Garret. 37. Dump truck driver from Roy

I'm 37 year old female. I'm a social worker and your biggest fan!!!

nurse at the University of Utah and I absolutely love it!!! I’m married with a 15 year old.

48 years old Female Triage Medical Assistant

21 female embroiderer!

david 27 retail manager

I'm a 40-year-old female police officer

31, female, customer service rep

34, female, CAN

female 27, been listening for 27 yrs and I'm a call center manager!

Male, 26, Dental Student.

30, female and I'm a behavior therapist.

33 male, 4 kids, HR Manager

financial representative for fidelity 32

I'm 34 female and a team manager at a call center

37 female nurse

36 female Legal Assistant

46 layton office manager for a neurosurgeon

female 30 accountant

37 female process healthcare claims

I'm 40, female and I train people to do drug testing and I've been listening for 20 years!

47 yrs Female Health and wellness

37. I'm an online English teacher and a stay at home.

33 female and I'm a stay at home mom!

41 year old woman, student/server

36 female assistant branch manager for a bank

43. I'm a psychotherapist. Love you guys like crazy!

25, Female, 2nd grade teacher!

I am a chick 36 and work for the gov - Dept of Veterans Affairs

Female. I'm 22 and work at an insurance agency, but I'm going to college and majoring in Journalism!

35 year old . Stay at home mom.

46 yrs old. female special ed teacher

30 Female Medical assistant at a rehab

43, F, HR Specialist at a mortgage company

Female, 31, Human Resources Professional

Female, 40, Banker

44 Female accountant

44 yo female. In the medical laboratory industry.

Demo: 31, female, high school teacher

Kennyn, 29, Insurance. Listening for 12 years! 'd you guys

very young 72, female, production manager at geotechnical engineering company

37 Male Engineer

female 21 recruiting manager

Im a 27 year old female and I m a Web developer.

34, Female, Software

40 year old female stay @ home parent

55, female, office manager and I love your show!!!

25, F, optician

I'm 27, female and work at the University of Utah Department of Neurology

I'm 19 years old I'm a girl & I work as a document center assistant at a law firm !

Female, 35, College Bursar (aka the money lady) and have been listening since the first day Frankie went on air. My day is shot if I don''t listen to Hollywood Headlines.

59 female. billing manager

female, 48, school bus driver

42YO MALE Shipping and receiving supervisor

female 33 corporate recruiter

27, F, nurse

I am 46 female I''m a digital producer / journalist for ABC 4=hi Jess, love you guys

43yrs old female work in Durable Medical equipment doing billing

I am female(Mexican), 35 I am a Mental Health Case Manager for Weber Human Services in Ogden Utah. Love my job..

male, 31, work in local government

Male, 23, milk man= I got the hook up on some chocolate milk!

female 57 yrs young And I work for TSA at the Salt Lake City airport 

I am 28 I have been listening for about 10 years, I'm a dietitian at a WIC Clinic. From Ogden! Oh and I'm a woman!!!

Almost 29, female, I work in college recruitment and marketing.

Kristina, 37 (single), Executive Administrator

I am 28, female and work for a mortgage lending company.

28 (29 in 11 days), Female, Project Manager

Lisa here! I'm a 32 year old female in Ogden and I'm a Draft Tech.

37 Female Project Management

32 female stay at home mom and caregiver to my 101 year old Grandma.

41 female finance (listening since right before Jess started!)

41 year old female. Air Force reservist. Track F-35 pilot training and flight pay.

Female. 47 years old. Personal property appraiser for Tooele County. Been listening for 17+ years at my desk. Best way to start my day. Thank you for

31 year old male, dog trainer and pet daycare/boarding general manager

39 male painter but about to start a new career as a plumber

I'm 23, female and I work as a receptionist. I love you guys so much! Listen everyday

29 female executive director

41-ish female, Forensic Clinical Social Worker in juvenile court. Been a listener since 97, y''all are my favorite

female 53, ASL interpreter

34 female. Staff sergeant us army

male, grown ass kid= 22 college for business. & custom cabinetry

45 female medical assistant Love my job and you guys

34 year old female makeup and hair artist. Also stay at home mom, love you guys!!!

23 year old Male garage door technician

39 female Child support services

Todd Smith here, 32 Male drafter at an architectural woodworking company

male 34 operations manager for a transportation company

Project Manager at a Mtg Co Female and 43 Love you guys!

female 28 working at suss cookies. Been listening since middle school

38, M MRI tech

Male 56 listen with daughters...Business consultant listening over 20 years. Love you all!

Female 32, R&D scientist 2/chemist 2

23 - female - medical assistant

53 yo Male, Estimator/Planner Printer & Home Depot. Got sober/clean 5 y ago, changed entry life, &ZHT

42, female, Medical Coder

44, female, recreation therapist

52 year old mail delivery driver and I do believe Kylie and I have mutual friends in Kelly and Phil

male 28 system administrator

I'm 27 years old, female, and a business owner for 2 companies.

Ogden 39 female HR Specialist for the government.

26, Female, Stay at home mom, and online English teacher to students in china

28/F Records at a Police Dept. HAPPY POLICE WEEK

I'm a 41 year old female! Full time mommy of triplets and a full time administrative Assistant at Huntsman Cancer Institute! Rhonda

38 yr old female. Office manager. Listening for all 20 yrs now!

51 Female Project manager at health savings account company. Been listening for just a few years.

33 male diesel partsman been listening for years. Love you all

Female -Stay at home mom/hairstylist at home -32 y/o been listening since 4th grade with my mom

female, 32, stay at home mom, live in Idaho now and have been listening since Frankie started when I was in 5th grade! Love you guys!

Michaella, Female, 29, administration assistant at primary's childrens hospital

23yr old female, Licensed cosmetologist/barber. I''ve been listen almost every morning since the 5th grade! Love you guys!

36 yrs old in Roy (ogden area...woot!) nail tech

this is Delaney. 37 male asst operation manager at MACU. Love you guys

female, 34 medical assistant and PE teacher

27 yr old female ogden work in production at a company making airbags for cars

32 female district manager for a laser hair removal company. Been listening since i was kid, 20 yrs?!?

30 a week from today female child care in the middle of a mid life career change lol

31 year old female supervisor of post acute services of optum care Utah

Female. 22. Entrepreneur and Employment Specialist

35 equipment operator demolition and land clearing company listening for 15 plus years love you guys. Clay

Female 40 living Clearfield commute to Draper for work for an auto finance company it''s high stress and you guys in the morning it keeps my stress levels down 

female 31 yr. Admin assistant for engineering company.

demo Check Stay at home mom in Texas. 42 listened to you in Utah all the time. Now I listen in Texas! Love you guys!

Jana 35 female stay at home mom and student getting my masters degree in clinical mental health counseling

Alisha 24, Murray, Monument/headstone designer

I am a 52 yr old special ed teacher been listening for 14 years

33 year old HR generalist for BambooHR in Lindon UT . Been listening since elementary school when you were 94.9

female 59 mountain America Credit union student loan closing u is awesome

18yr old female, I do housekeeping and am a student at slcc. Have been listening with my mom since elementary school

26, male, chemical engineer, manufacture wound healing products for domestic animals

26 yo female. Immunology PhD student at huntsman cancer institute

been listening since I was 13 I''m 27 now. And thanks to I &e radio for letting me take you all over with my nanny jobs!

22 year old female and customer service for a scrapbooking company

28 woman licensed RN. But currently housewife

44 Male own trucking business. Listen to you guys every day. Thank you for the laughs

33 year old female in HR

19 year old female CNA nurse

Whitney Female 30 I work for the Drivers license division

43 female diversity and inclusion work at a university. Love my job!

Female 31 adtech account manager

25 year old Female Dental Assistant from Tooele, UT

48 year old male, President of Operations, listening for 15+ from O Town

27 yr old female ogden work in production

35 female. Layton massage therapist, jewelry rep

50 yr old Male, oper. Mngr. Been listening to Frankie since day one!

78 year old male Model and male escort Jk 43 Male IT sales Been listening since the 90’s

Jessicas goodness has had me hooked ever since.

48 female 3rd grade teacher.

33, Female, Data entry

I'm 26, female, I'm a dental hygienist.

35 yo Male king mack daddy super trucker

29 female laundry business owner. Been listening for over 10 years.

35 year old Male, Cutting Horse Trainer.

kyle Johnson, listening since high school, 19 years. Truck driver. Love you guys!

30, female, corporate HR, working on starting my own metaphysical shop! Been listening since 94.9 days!! Luhhhh luhhh luh you guys

58 Female raising kids & crafting!

49 accountant and newspaper paper delivery. Our family has been listen since the late 1990s.

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