TEXT TOPIC: Who lied about having a degree?

MIL said she graduated. Found out when she was denied a job. Her excuse was that she was "1 credit short" from graduating. That’s probably a lie too

My company had in old attorney on staff that we didn’t find out never passed the bar exam until we were in a multimillion dollar trial and the other side expose him. Attorney client privilege when out the door.

I'm 43 and lied about having a degree. I was hired as a software engineer at a reputable software company at $25 an hour--they still don't know about it. I get scared about being fired.

Coworker claimed 2 have advanced degrees and certifications 4 a very large job we were on. I discovered him embezzling from the co, started digging, he was a total fraud & conman. Never attended college. Did this 2 many companies.

Sister in law sent out announcements to our entire family saying she got a degree in Nutrition. Considering she was well over 400 pounds, we all questioned

there have been instances of people practicing medicine without a degree or license.

the owner of my former employer says he graduated with a business degree. In checking he has never finished college.

My younger brother is a substitute teacher at his old middle school, he never graduated High School, they never asked.

my cousin lives with my parents up in Ogden and she "says" she''s going to Weber State. She leaves everyday 2go2 "school" but we are sure she just goes and does nothing. She''s pretending to get her degree. I''m not sure what will happen at graduation.

My dad runs a rain gutter business and hired a man to do his bidding. The man said that he had all different types of degrees in business and spoke different languages. Come to find out he was going to each house hitting on all the wives asking if he could see their g-string. He was nasty! We ended up finding out he was a fraud once he lost his house.

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