TEXT TOPIC: Are you in a sexual dry spell?

My husband and I were addicted to pain killers we got help so we are on methadone and now we don't have sex a lot our sex drive is down

I''m in a dry spell because I''m starting the divorce process. It''s only been a few months but I have no desire to even think about dating but I''ve been with him for 13 years so this is the longest I''ve gone in a long long time

married 17 years The last time was 3 months ago I just don't feel like it. Luv him, but he's a little irritating n w all r kids I need sleep more!

im a 28 year old woman and still a virgin.... TMI but wet dreams for women are real, people! My body is telling me I''m missing out on the goods

I'm married and I'm in a dry spell. #twokidslife!!

been married for 10 years. It''s to the point where it''s about every six or seven weeks. But it''s so far apart that it just feels really awkward every single time. Almost to the point where I just would rather not. And did I mention that I''m the guy.

it has been 7 months since dating

I suck in bed. It's embarrassing and it makes me hate sex. I'm a guy, I have a girlfriend and we never do the deed.

Been in a dry spell since September last year. 32/male/single. Need to hook up

Maybe 1x a month, 2 toddlers. And can''t keep the almost 4yo out of our bed. Married 8 yrs. together 13 years (but we still like each other)

took a "dating hiatus" been single longer than i planned because my mental health has vastly improved as a result and i like the freedom...It''s been a year and 5 months though *cries*

I AM!!! For over 10 years... so sad, my husband has been dealing with health issues... I miss him so much. I stopped hoping, but if I even see someone kiss on TV I get so sad...depressed.

in a dry spell. I'm pregnant and not in the mood. My husband is active military and the longest we've gone with no sex is 7 months.

Not in a relationship due to severe anxiety from past experiences with dating. Some girls can be pretty mean! Anytime I try to start dating my anxiety goes nuts. Dry spell for the past year. Therapy works but takes time.

just had a baby last September so sex has become A lot less frequent mostly because I hate my body right now. I always struggle with body image after having a baby

it doesn't help that my husband is playing video games until late into the night as well

Both of us on antidepressants

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