TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text? May 14th

Hey Will if you weren't a sarcastic a-hole maybe people would actually want to talk to you, why answer a question with another question..... A-hole

Hey husband if you spent as much time on your marriage as you do your video games..you wouldn't be wondering why your wife doesn't like you

dear wife who left me. I''m paying for the gas insurance and your using my truck. I just found out u make 125 a week for car pool that I do half of time to pay ur own way

When your grandkids don't want anything to do with you, don't blame me, blame your lazyass self. I'm done babying you!!!

All of the idiots leaving Eagle Mountain City Center entering the road onto SR 73...there is a stop sign for a reason use it! The acceleration lane is for accelerating.

dear Roomie stop blowing your nose in the shower and leaving it. You stop doing that I'll stop using your toothbrush to clean it.

please stop complaining about money when you have free childcare, free food, and have roommates paying your rent. You make more money then I do so I know you’re fine!!

hey Ford Taurus, stop hiding behind your illegal tint and quit riding everyone's tails in the commute. Get in line. We're all trying to hustle to work too.

Dear Cache Valley residents, LEARN. TO. DRIVE! You guys are the worst! Does anyone even teach drivers ed over there or did ya lljust learn from playing Grand Theft Auto?!?

morons at the brokers office. I told you it's not my company that is causing the error it's the other company meet with them not me to fix it.

to my husbands family that we live with...just because my kids do chores doesn''t mean they will clean up after you...everyday...every meal...8 and 6year old do more then grown adults.

Hey gym rep-shaver! Keep posting those bogus scores at the top of the leader board. Everyone knows that you cheat and that''s why there''s a whole lot of us that don''t like you just tolerate you. If you lie about your score what else do you lie about?

just because you have worked there for a while doesn''t mean you can just wear what you want . It''s business professional not strapless summer tops. Put those nasty titties away and wear the dress code

Please stop mansplaining things to me. I know how the hell a manual transmission works because the car I drive everyday has one. Just because I''m a girl and you''re a guy doesn''t mean you know more than me about cars. #noseconddate

I'm your equal, not your subordinate. Stop expecting me to contact people for you. Do ya own damn job!

Stop with the hypocritical micromanaging! No wonder you can't keep staff!

Left lane loafers please move to the right or better yet stay off the freeway.

you didn''t raise your own kids so don''t try and raise mine. If I wanted your help I''d ask for it. My daughter isn''t your second chance at raising kids. Back off.

I know I'm not your mother but I still birthed your children and it wouldn't have killed you to say happy Mother's Day!

Maybe I should've got my mom some cigarettes for mother's day. She's not as good as hiding it as she thinks she is...

To the driver of the black Chevy truck with licence plate "BIGMIKE" Your constantly cutting people off is not getting you there any faster as I''m still next to you. Your going to hurt someone with your big truck.

I asked if you're in a committed relationship more than once with her. We hook up and then the next time I see you guys you're getting married? Wtf?

Utah, stop being oblivious! There's all whole world around you full of OTHER people. It's okay to be courteous and respectful!

Fantasizing about other girls when in a relationship, disrespectful. Why are you even with her? You dont deserve her!!!

Hey Brenda, no need to cc my boss on emails, if you have an issue let's be grown ups and talk about it.

Men need to stop ghosting!!! After over a month talking every day then nothing? You''re not interested...SAY IT! Don''t be a coward making us women think we''re crazy.

you're not the best employee, didn't have to Give you a raise this year. But I did so why don't you just be grateful.

stop slamming the doors at 5am I am trying to sleep I get your in a rush but it is not hard to quietly close a freaking door!

Parents, if you don''t like the way your child''s behavior is handled at school, maybe start doing something about it at home! There''s no way "they never act this way at home". 13 more days for this frustrated, exhausted teacher.

stop taking your kids out of school for vacation- especially in April/May during state testing! They miss soo much review and it''s a disaster to coordinate make-up tests!

car got broken into this weekend, window is shattered. Stole over $1000 of school stuff. I think it''s ridiculous that the victims of theft always seem to have to pay even a dime for someone else''s selfish actions. Hope you get caught, a-hole.

you think you can treat my friend like crap you narcissistic jerk. You will get yours when she moves in to bigger and better. Get you head out of your butt

@work ANY conversation gets turned to be all about her...100% of the time. Look Tammy it's not all about you, trust me no one cares!

To the person driving a white Nissan Versa last night @10:17 south bound on the I-15. The left lane is the fast/passing lane, not the I go the speedlimit, go around me. Your going to cause an accident making everyone go around you, your a jackass! You probably won''t get this because your not cool enough to listen to this station. Everyone listening, tell their Versa driving friends to stay out of the fast lane or take public transportation!!!

you show up late and leave early from your crossings every day. Yet, you get paid for a double shift. Hope you feel good about cheating the UPD &the kids you cross.

the weekend was a management f up not your teams fault. Stop letting your dramatic/ shiz show life mesh into work. That's what you get the big bucks for

Hey if the supervisor doesn''t see anything wrong with what I''m wearing, it''s not your business to question it. Especially when you''re not even in the same required shirt color. My shirt is at least the right color.

Being a single parent is hard, especially when the other parent is sittin in the bedroom ignorin the fact he has children. Man up & be a dad.

to my bfs roomies wife-u're filling ur hubs wit ur insecurities abt us. Spreading lies abt us. we did nothing wrong. Grow the eff up&talk to us like adults

I swear sometimes added another child to my home instead of a wife. You're not a child, stop throwing the same tantrums as my 6 year old.

get off your lazy ass and get a job, be a man and help with the bills. or GTFO

Thanks Mom for telling me that you had three options when I was born and saying you picked the wrong one: keeping me, abortion, and adoption.

Dear doctors office charging me $75- $100 for MY daughters medical records is a joke! How about I do it for you for free since you can''t do what you are paid to do.

stop going 45 in the parking lot it's an apartment complex not a racetrack.

quit bitching about my daughter breaking up with her boyfriend, at least she didn't marry him like yours and cheat on him twice

Eric, Don't set ur alarm for 5 & hit snooze for an hr til my alarm goes off. It messes w/MY sleep pattern.

People use your damn turning signal i am not a mind reader and you're an idiot don't complain if you get hit

dear kaysville ex-wife. Spent $45k on fighting you for custody of our boys for 5 years, even tho we lost to your lies, we won when you were arrested for

hey neighbor stop putting your overflowing trash can on my side your garbage blows all over my lawn it's gross.

Dear wife we've been together for 11 years that doesn't mean "you have the right to think other men are attractive" it really hurts my feelings

dnt b mad @ me bcuz i got the desk in the corner & now u cnt hide what u r doing 4rm the boss. I'm a hard wrkr who dsnt need a sitter

Stop blaming everyone under you. This all could have been avoided if you would have done your job.

Hey Bitch. I know you're sleeping with other men. It's okay the big D is coming.

Lilly, Thanks for making me feel like you were my friend. It felt so good to know you were talking crap behind my back and as soon as you see me you don't

dear hs boys. Please stop smearing = in restrooms. We have evolved

F in law stop pushing us 2 finish r basement with u, and telling us ur "not getting any younger!" Not financially ready nor r we emotionally ready 2deal with u and ur stubbornness, we don''t even like ur style!

To my husband''s ex and kids , I understand dysfunctional is YOUR normal but I loved you all and treated you all with love and respect including yourmother . How bout you shut it , say thank you and say those lies you telling To my face ..I hate COWARDS

to the teacher whining about a child''s behavior. Believe me, we disciple. You don''t think our life is hell either? Maybe reach out for help from theMANY resources you have

To my employee who hates me cuz you're on discipline, maybe show up for work sometime & I won't have to enforce the attendance policy on you!

Josh you're my lead... so do your job and LEAD instead of complain and pawn it off on others - Do your job or give it to someone who can.

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