TEXT TOPIC: What is a childhood memory you are fond of?

looking for tadpoles in my lace dress with my three older brothers in a small pond near our home.

my brothers raced motocross when we were younger so we traveled almost every weekend. We used to have so much fun road tripping with all our motocross team. I’ll always love the smell of gas, dirt and boiled hot dogs!

roller skating in the 80's! At classic fun center

Sleeping over with my buds, getting hungry and biking to McDonald''s and going through the drive thru! Going back to the house to spend a summer night on the trampoline!

my grandparents lived in East millcreek, very close to the canyon and mtns. My grandma and I would sit on the swing in her yard and she would tell me pioneer story’s and she would tell me the trails on the mtn was where they walked.

camping every Friday to Sunday with my dad growing up is one of my best memories

a childhood friend would always take me camping with her family. She took me to lake Powell, flaming George, bear lake. We''d go boating a ton. It was my favorite.

My childhood memories. My Grandma taking me to Michigan almost every summer. Great memories of 8 Mile and John R

had a good childhood I remember my 7th birthday party

sitting at the kitchen table with my dad looking out the window at the snow while drinking my first cup of coffee. He told me it was my 5th birthday''d Miss my Daddy.

lived in sm town in Cali. Semi coming towards us. We would dive in the Canal grab pieces of mud and throw them at the semis there passing by.

my dad coached all my childhood sports team and I had enough cousins that we could make a team so it was great family time at games and practices

riding up to Idaho with my grandma in her Corvette I had to sit on pillows and phone books to see over the dash. She would let me do the scratch off tickets

think my happiest memory was when my dad took me fishing

My dad would always take my brother and I to go race slot cars in Murray, I will forever cherish those times

living on Guam we explored everything, all over the island especially on the military bases with abandoned airstrips, buildings, and secluded beaches

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