TEXT TOPIC: What is your good news this week?

Walked away from my business partner and the Million dollar tech start up we have and I feel great! I finally have my life back!! Best Monday in a long time!!

our son Caden graduates preschool Thurs and our daughter Harper turns 3 on Sat which is the same day as the Ogden marathon where I''m running the 1/2and my hubs is running the full!

found out a recently passed uncle left my husband 400k in his will. WOWSA so blessed

Just removed my IUD-FIRST time ever boning with the intent of making a human-it's weird-I am TERRIFIED! Yet excited-I just turned 32

24 days and we will be on our way to Detroit for a little family vacay. First time for our girls to fly.

just accepted a full time job at the school I've been working at for the last year in a one-year contract. 10-year here I come!

job interview on Friday to be a cross guard supervisor. I've been a crossing guard for 12 years!!

mom came to visit from Florida for my birthday and it was a complete surprise

So I didn't get the job at uvu like I was hoping. But I did get a promotion at my current job. Blessed either way

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