TEXT TOPIC: Is your parent jealous of you?

Jealous parents. I think my mom is jealous because my husband and I are going to be debt-free next month and we are 29.They''re in the mid-60s and still owe over $40,000 in school debt because of my Dad’s schooling from the 80s

My Mom was very jealous of my relationship with my Dad. I tried to get closer 2 my Mom but she wasn''t responsive. My Dad & I had fun & a lot of laughs...I miss them both

I literally have a friend who was grounded when we were teens because her body was nicer than her moms. Her mom always tried to be the cool friend mom.

I went through that with my mom. I''m in my early 30''s, single parent, got out of a very abusive marriage and turned my life around to he very successful and it ruined our relationship. It has never been the same. We use to be best friends. It breaks my heart.

my FIL is very jealous of my husband. My husband is suffering with mental illness right now and my FIL loves the fact that my husband is failing and not able to provide. When my husband was being successful his dad hated it. Sickening.

my aunt was always jealous of my cousin before her husband died. Now she just treats her like crap, and my cousin chose to rise above and adopt different mothers along her path

ma is jelly of relationship I have w/my dad. She said he loves me more. it's a diff kind of love tho. U can't compare them..

My mom was always jealous of my older sister. Mom worked at IRS for years-sister had a corporate office job. Sister made more $ than mom.

My dad. I''m 22 and I make over 140k yearly. I worked my ass off to get through school to be where I am today as young as I am. He chose drugs over building a life, and now regrets it. I get all the guilt trips about how he can barely support himself daily. I feel horrible, but I have a family of my own to take care of.

My grandma is totally jealous of my mom & aunt, so much so that she used to give the same gifts, but more expensive.

my mother is always been competitive with my sister and I. She always has to tell me especially when she''s losing weight. And if one of us is sick or has something wrong with this she''s always had the same thing but worse. She got really angry when my sister got my grandma''s ring, even though that particular grandma was her mother-in-law

my husbands step mom would get insanely jealous when his dad would call his little sis darlin. Won't let him do anything w/ my husband cuz she gets jealous

mom would always downplay my achievements & say how ugly I was. Later realized it was bc she was jealous & felt she, herself, achieved nothing & felt ugly

My ex husband was jealous of my teenage son. He copied his clothes/ shoes/activities. I'm very close with my son and he resented it. Big factor in divorce

my dad has told me that he's jealous of me because my marriage has lasted longer than his w/my mom. He has bought cars, changed banks etc to have same as us

my mom''s jealous of me since I''ve been married, my husband & I are more financially stable than my parents, better vacations and houses, instead of being happy for me, she says I''m spoiled.

My wife is jealous of my daughter because we are so close. Leading us to a divorce.

mom is very jealous of me. I am 20 years old making more money than her. she also wants my dad all to herself. She tried to get me kicked off the insurance and tried to kick me out of the house when I turned 18

mother in law is jealous we are building our first house and she will never have one because she sucks with money

mom jealous of my marriage. Its my 2nd, goin on 13yrs, but she just got out of her 4th. We have ups/down''s, but always managed to pull through & she couldn''t

mom is jealous of almost every single thing I do, from my relationship with my dad, to fitness, being a mother, cooking, dedication to my job you name it. It wouldn''t be that weird but she has been in my "mom" since I was 6 years old

My mother-in-law is jealous of my wife, she''s an amazing singer. When she was in college she recorded a album. They sold it in the school bookstore with a life-size cut out of her. She invited them to her school to surprise them with it, her mom didn''t talk to her for 3 months. My wife won''t sing in public now.

Dad was high school drop out and I went to college with good job. He''s told me he''s jealous 

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