TEXT TOPIC: Did someone leave something in their will for you?

found out a recently passed uncle left my husband 400k in his will. WOWSA so blessed

My great aunt died when I was about 10 years old. I never met her but she left me $5000. Which is a big number when you're just a little kid

had a customer leave me everything when she passed away to do what I wanted because she said her kids never took care of her like I did. House, money, car, ect.

my grandpa passed away when I was 27 he left me in his will his sweet classic car. 1959 Ford Fairlaine. I had no idea. It was restored and a beauty. My uncles were annoyed because they love cars and have their own. I had no clue but love it!

my grandma died six months after my dad died and I didn't even think about it but I was his only Heir so I got his portion of her inheritance

dad lived in South Dakota, was a union man his whole life. He died, me and my sister got his pension. 60k each had no idea....

my grandparents from my dads side left a piece of land on sacred property in New Mexico to my brother and I. They passed away about 5 years ago and we just found out last year.

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