TEXT TOPIC: Who is on your celeb list? What about your spouse?

My celebrity list is Blake lively, lily James and Kate Beckinsale! My wife's is Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth and Jason Mamoa

Channing Tatum/Carrie Underwood

My celebrity is and will forever be Will Smith. And my husbands is Jada so I guess we could just all join together.

we each have a list of 5 mine is 5Jeffery Dean Morgan 4Jon Bernthal 3Andrew Lincoln 2Jason Mamoa 1 Will Smith

Carrie Underwood for my husband. 1000%tim McGraw since I was little and he just keeps getting sexier with age

Kelly Chapman from Fox 13... I think me and Wayne have that in common

mine is Ryan Reynolds mmm & hubby loves Alexandra Daddario that woman has beautiful eyes!! I'd take her too haha

celebrity list is Jason Isaacs (lucius malfoy- hp movies) and Rufus Sewell (John Smith- man in the high castle). Never had the chance to hook up with them.

Boyfriends: Kate beckinsale (every past bf's list) Mine: Ryan Marshall from walk off the earth. (In town on Tuesday!) and chris Pratt

Jason Mamoa- I want somemoa Mamoa = Antonio Benderas My husband - JLO/Charlez Theoron

me Chris Hemsworth and Nikki sixx from Motley Crue and my hubby Jenn Aniston

haha we just discussed celebrity hall passes. I''m with Tammy, THOR AND CAPTAIN AMERICA. Hall pass to handle Thor''s hammer anytime. He''s still compiling his.

Tom Hardy and Zac Efron are on both mine and my husbands!!! He loves Margo Robbie too

Mine is really weird but I find him strangely appealing and it''s Benicio Del Toro and Monte is really into Carmen Electra sti

Husband is Reese Whitherspoon. Me is Michael Buble.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jason Mamoa, John Krasinski, Timothy Olyphant Kate Beckensale (Both of us)

I'm a girl and my husband loves Matthew McConaughey. He always talks about a muscled while his shirt is off

Demi lovato is on the hubs list. When she was here in Sept. She came into my store, & I didn't call my hubs so he wouldn't even have the chance. Lol

Gary Allen and Matt leblanc but had a chance with both so it freaked me out and I don''t make list anymore. Gary tried to leave with me at a concert 15 yrs ago and Matt met in a comedy club and hit it off 22 yrs ago

Husband would be Elizabeth Hurly and Taylor Swift mine would be Ryan Reynolds and Jason Stathum

allison Kroger fox13 O...M...G hellyes

Hubby-Mariah Carey(eew ) Me-Ian Somerhaulder, Tom Hiddleston, & Colin Morgan

My husband loves Emma Watson. Chris hemsworth for me

Seth Rogan & Justin Timberlake. Hubby says he doesn't have one. I said Mila Cuniz we could both have her!

Jess!!! Have you ever seen the interview with Jeff Goldblum and Conan where Jeff talks about peaches? It might just change your mind. Haha! Oh, and my husband loves Angelina Jolie.

mine is Francia Raisa the girl who helped Selena Gomez with her transplant and my wife's is Colin Farrell

me:Alyssa Milano , her: Edward Norton Jr.

Mine... Jessica Alba Hers... Ryan Reynolds

mine is idris Elba and my husband''s is freaking Reese Witherspoon

my celeb. Rush is Ryan Reynolds and my husbans Carrie Underwood Are used to work up at a resort in Park city Ryan Reynolds came in for a massage andI''m a massage therapist he was on my schedule. On lucky for me I was sick that day and somebody else took it. I was pregnant sick. I blame my son firstto this day I lost my chance ha ha

Celebrity list- Joshua Jackson for me and Sam Ponder for my husband.

John Krinsinski, Bradley cooper, the Rock. I don't know my husband's list, he isn't allowed to talk about other women, this is a one way street!

hubby- Kate beckinsale OR Cillian Murphy Me- Tom hardy

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