TEXT TOPIC: What trait of quality did you get from your Momma?

trait from mom I can cook ANYTHING even without a recipe just by tasting and seasoning

A good trait I got from my mom is my freckles.

got My sense of humor from my momma. Thank goodness because my dad doesn't have a funny bone in his body!!!

my mom taught me strength, compassion and unconditional love. Love you mama!

hard working and always on time

got my easy going, free spirit, hippie happy self from my momma! Thanks to my crazy fun hippie mother

got my great sense of direction from my mom! My dad tells us we are like blood hounds when it comes to getting around.

got my moms great personality. I also got her strength and attitude & sometimes a good thing sometimes not.

dramatic just like my mama!

my freckles and my attitude! 15 min early or your late

keep a clean house because of my mom

got my mommas strength, she passed from cancer but you would have never known she was suffering, she was a bad ass tough chick!

can cook from taste and spices.! Also her crazy curly hair, tenacity to get things done. Gracias mami. Te amo. I love you!

got my bitchiness from my mom

my mom taught me how to be strong and that women are worth more than what society thinks. We both talk a lot and cant shut up

my mom gave me her feistiness and how to be a good person and kind heart. Happy moms day in heaven mom

got my love of reading from my mama! Now my favorite thing is reading to my own baby!

never give up never say u CAN'T do anything cause u can if u try... Going to start school soon to better my life n for my kids

got my moms quick smart mouth responses that tend to get me into trouble

definitely didn''t get the crocheting and knitting talent from my mom. But I did get her great work ethic, ceramic painting and love for numbers and puzzles.

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