TEXT TOPIC: Who will you not travel with EVER again?

I refuse to travel with my step mom every again, she likes to starts drama with the family and get us all in fights, our last trip was a disaster and we told her to her face we won’t ever travel with her again and she said we weren’t invited anyways and we told her good ha ha ha ha!!!

i will not take my mom on any road trips ever again. She’s annoying! She always wants to drive and she is the worst driver. She talks about stupid stuff the entire way because she thinks she’s helping keep you awake, even if you’re not tired. She stares at you while you drive. I could write a book about all the reasons she’s not invited anymore.

I hate traveling with my friend corbyn. He's always bringing less money and I end up paying for him. He's listening now so call him out haha

I will never travel with my cousin ever again. She brags about how organized she is, but honestly she’s a hot mess and can’t make a decision to save her life.

my kids. No more long distance travel. Did 9 days in Cali. The absolute worst! They suck!

I will never travel with my mom. She eats extremely "healthy" and makes it so hard to eat out anywhere. It becomes a big downer and kind of impossible.

We don’t like to travel with my little sister because it has to be about her, she has to make the plans nobody else can make any plans she has to be in control and she is a brat

When on a cruise to Mexico and the girl I went with could not leave her dabs or her marijuana at home. She took it in to Mexico and they stopped her getting back on the cruise ship.

My boyfriends family/little brother. Took a trip and drama every day. Little brother who is 18 through tantrums everyday. Screaming in restaurants, screaming at strangers, punching walls etc. his mom was guilting the other siblings and crying the whole time. Ughh

it''s my mom and I LOL people hate traveling with us because we are very into vacation maximization. We get to the park right when it opens and we will pick waiting in line for a ride over eating lunch dot-dot. We also stay till the park closes. It stresses a lot of people out

my sister in law. She is absolutely awful to travel with. If everything isn't about her, she turns in to a total B. Never again.

My cousin and his family! They can’t handle hard situations. Cousin will freak out, pout, disappear for days, refuse to talk, and his kids act just like him. Traveled with him twice and never again!

my kids and husband together. He thinks everything needs to be perfect and with kids that nearly impossible. Major rollercoaster ride!

Had a friend that we went on a cruise. Airplane was delayed because of a tornado. She flipped because they delayed the plane. So embarrassing! And she had an itinerary for our trip planned to the minute. Freaked if something happened

my stepdaughter. She only travels with us so we will pay for everything. Then complains about everything and if it doesn’t go her way will sit in the couch and cry (she’s in her 20''s) and expect everyone to cater to her because she’s crying. She thinks no one can have fun because she’s not having fun, WRONG peace out.

we went to Las Vegas with my aunt and she refused to go to the strip. We were in Vegas! We were sharing our car. And everything had to be her way, every restaurant everything we did. Never again.

LOVE my husband. Get bad travel anxiety. Angry, moody, hot and cold it’s a lot. But I’ll keep trying

stopped riding in the car with my dad on road trips because he would get so angry and scream and yell about every little thing that happened

I refuse to travel with my in laws. We all went to DC in 2016 and it was the most dramatic, miserable trip ever. There was also a massive blow up fight at a cabin in Brighton once. So yeah. Never again.

MYSELF!! I would not want to travel with me. Im a lot like Kylie and Jess. I would get so mean and angry if things didn’t go the way I planned. But now I’m pretty chill and just don’t care. I’ve become "lazy" as well. My husband is the champ for being patient and doing his best to keep me calm.

don’t travel with my mother in law, she makes us miss our flights, is always late, & she walks away from us and gets lost, we have to look 4 her.

My dad is the worst to travel with. He has to stop every hour to smoke. I thought it took 8 hrs to drive to Vegas until I was 24 and went without him

can’t travel anywhere with anyone because I can’t stand being with family or friends for more than 2 days at a time. Nothing personal, just hate people and their emotions in general.

Sis-in-law. She lets her lil devil kids do whatever they want, which is spend time w/hubby & me. We're not babysitters & we want privacy

My mom will NOT drive with my husband because he drives too fast and he drives angry.

can't travel with my parents. They fight the whole time and it makes the whole experience miserable

My little sister is the worst to travel with! The last time we had a road trip she made life a living you know what! Never again.

dads girlfriend is the slowest moving human of all time, we almost missed our flight home from Mexico. Never again I almost snapped

It's my dad. He basically ruined a cruise we went on. Complained about EVERYTHING. Nothing was good enough, rude to everyone, food sucked, etc.

refuse to travel with my sister and her 1year old because he wont stop crying all the way

won't travel with my friend anymore she's bossy, nit picky, and won't shut up about how much everything costs

My little sister she never brings enough money she expects everybody to cater to her she never watches her own kids so everybody else has to but leaving her at home is even worse because then she just calls every 5 minutes to see how we''re doing

I can no longer travel with my best friend because he can not go with the flow. He's way too uptight

sister, she's a selfish and cheap bitch

I have 3 roommates two of them are super loud extremely messy, I wouldn’t travel with them! The other roommate can’t control her bowels to save her life! Won’t travel with any of them. They are 5 and 3 and the one without bowel control is 1 month old!

Went with 2 other couples on a wonderful trip 4 all of our anniversaries. Talked about doing it again in 5 years. 5 years passed & we kept asking about planning the next trip & everybody acted weird. Found out the other 2 couples had planned out the trip but didn’t include us. Both couples still do things with us but don’t want 2 travel with them. REALLY hurt feelings. I think it was because we don’t have the kind of $ they have... Boo!!!

With my now former friends, she invited me on a "girls" trip to Mesquite but her husband came and never left our side. Always, insulting our looks

can't travel with my grandma. She doesn't plan for travel time so she'll give us 20 min to get somewhere that is supposed to take 2 hours of travel.

my friend from work. She was a complete B on our trip to Portland and hijacked my entire trip. Thought we were good friends. Haven''t talked to her willfully since.

Every year My mom takes us on a trip, my siblings drive me crazy so entitled have to do what they want when they want I only do it because of my mom....So rude and disrespectful and we were raised in the same household how does that happen? Love you guys

my (used to be) bestie had never been international before and I had invited her to my family''s condo in Southern Spain. We did aday trip to Gibraltar and she almost made one of the monkeys attack us because she tried to steal a bottle of lotion from its hands (>&< &@) and she was paranoid the whole time the tour would leave us stranded. She also wouldn''t eat anything in any country anywhereand was always asking for kids menus.

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