TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who do you want to thank?

want to thank my boss. He believed in me and hired me with no experience. I credit my whole career to him

want to say thank you to my husband. He''s my hero and best friend. He has taught me the true meaning of love and how important it is to love yourself and always communicate with each other.

Thank you to my 4 kids! Making me a mama so I can get pampered and celebrated this weekend

thankful for my life partner and giving our marriage a second chance. After an ugly divorce back together and love him more than ever. Thanks honey for all you do.

Thank you to my husband and brother in laws for helping me turn my backyard into a place me and the kids love to be

HUGE thanks to my parents for watching our pup tomorrow night so we can go to park city for a quick anniversary getaway.

want to say thanks to my husband for getting me sober 8 years ago. I never would have done it without him. I have an amazing life with him now and have realized toy don’t need drugs to be happy.

want to than my amazing hardworking husband!! Without him I wouldn't be able to be a stay at home mom & raise our beautiful kids!

to the Sunset community. It's a small town, where most of the people are so caring, helpful, and giving to those around them in need.

wanna thank my husband. He gave me m Mother''s Day present early and I got an amazing massage. And thanks to janessa at Hand and Stone Massage for being so thorough!

want to thank my cousin. She is battling MS with strength and courage. And has helped me realize how much I take my own health for granted. Thank you for being an MS Warrior and not giving up. You are loved more than you know.

Thank you to The Younique Foundation and my therapist. The therapist they''ve provided to me for free has been instrumental in my healing from my childhood sexual abuse.

thanks to my husband Jonathan, he puts up with my craziness during this pregnancy. I couldn't ask for a better man, love ya

want to say thanks to you guys on the morning show you make my mornings entertaining

want to thank my husband Andrew for all his hard work to provide for me and the kids

Want to thank my new job for the raise! I am loving the insurance biz!

Im thankful for my Boss. She is awesome. I had to take my furbaby to the vet last minute and leave early to check on her this week. So grateful for.

thanks to my husband Derek. Im on bedrest for pregnancy so he has had to wear every hat.On top of that makes me feel like a million bucks love him

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