TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family you won't let your kids be around?

My MIL. She has a drinking problem & allows the older kids to take "milk shots" - one of the many reasons.

My brother-in-law is a pedophile. Spent 10 Years In jail. Enough said.

my moms mom. I won't let my daughter around her bc she's manipulative, thinks you need a man to be happy in life

my oldest brother. He inappropriately touched his 3 daughters.

I wont let my kids around my sister in laws boyfriend cause he pinches them leaving little marks we have already been in 2 fights because of this

My ex husbands father has a history of exposing himself to neighbors and children. Served some jail time, has come along way. But still am scared to have my son around him!

I won''t let my kids to be with my mom as she allows her church friends take them to store, house, etc. I might be paranoid law enforcement officer but ahh they are my kids

My sons father and his family. They drink and smoke weed with their grandkids at a very young (8) 

my FIL! My sis in law still sits on his lap at 30 yr old so no chance you weirdo#barf#creeper

It's sad, but it's my 10 year old nephew. He's mean, he beats up my 8 year old when I'm not right there. He swears all the time. #spoiledbrat

my 7 year old niece. She is a little sociopath. She hurts my kids if they don''t do what she wants. I said no more when I caught her chasing my 2 year old with a knife.

my grandpa. We found out that the FBI had been doing an investigation on him for 2 years. FBI came in and arrested him for 27 counts of exploitation of a minor and child porn. We had no idea.

I don''t trust my dad with my 2yo son. He''s an alcoholic, very unpredictable when it comes to his sobriety. Some days he''s great and normal and I love him. Others he''s off the rails and I want nothing to do with him.

my father. He abuses his ambien by drinking too much and he gets physically and verbally abusive. I grew up with abuse by him and refuse to expose physical violence to them.

my older brother. He is a drug addict and likes to be a big A- hole to the kids. Yelling ,name calling. Nope not around my kids!

my 8 year old nephew. It's so sad. He's been kicked out of daycares and school for inappropriate exposing himself and other things in that nature.

Husbands brother in law was a hardcore addict to coke

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