TEXT TOPIC: Who has horrible road rage?

hate driving with my step dad. More than once he has gotten out of the car to fight someone at a stoplight or something... Yikes.

your dad sounds like mine. Except mine will tailgate you and get on your butt until you move

dated someone who always had road rage. I would literally get ill, stomach in knots. Needless to say I ended that relationship quickly.

my FATHER is the most aggressive driver ever he''s so scary and everyone else is at fault in his

my BFF she owns a big bad ass truck. She gets a lot of men who try to intimidate her in their trucks. She has massive road rage, kind of scary. But I don''t worry she''ll just run them over LOL

it''s me! I hate when people are oblivious to others around them on the road. Or maybe using their cell phones and all over the road. So I tend to let them know how stupid they are.

my sister calls me while driving and interrupts herself to Yell at every driver on the road

my dad 100%. He tailgates people, and gets frustrated at the smallest things. He is also old school and wants his car so he will pay to park instead of trax. It''s loose loose with him.

my dad, one time he got cut off, and when he pulled up next to the guys that cut him off and got out our car to chase after them. Luckily they were in the turning lane.

My uncle! WORST! speeds, tailgates close enough you can''t see the other cars plates, screams, flips the bird, you name it! He''s a psycho. I told him to bring his road rage down from a 15 out of 10 to maybe an 8 so we didn''t die. He is going to hurt/kill someone one day.

it's my husband I am constantly telling him to stop or not get out of the car to fight someone

Cousin in Mexico. Honked 4 everything. 1 time honked, man w/gun got out of car & told her to be careful w/who she honks at. Never uses horn anymore.

my hubby. every time get in a car I ask if I can drive cause when he drives we always get in a fight! I''m reminding him he has 2 kids in the car and to calm down!

I literally have to talk myself down when driving in rush hour traffic. People are idiots and ya can''t fix stupid. I have to remind myself I have a family to go home too. It''s self meditation to jam to tunes.

My ex-husband was aragoholic he would follow, tailgate, swerve all over, yell, curse, it was insane. Thought I was going to die

my brothers. They don't even drive themselves, and if they are in the car, they are constantly flipping people off

My Husband! After First issue/won't let them pass , if they do he speeds up to pass them as if the person in front wins. 2,3 confrontations and scares me!

it's me. I'm sick of my road rage. I need to simmer down.

my crazy Brazilian uncle will be driving down the freeway hanging out his window, double birding the car next to him screaming in Portuguese

My uncle was a truck driver. Drove up on a car & was honking his horn & flipping off the driver when he figured out it was his Dad (my grandpa)

I am definitely the road rager. I live in Las Vegas and this town is FULL of people that need to re-take drivers ed.

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