TEXT TOPIC: What is your fun good news to share?

after 9 long years we get to see my daughter this weekend!! What a perfect Mother''s Day

i graduated from the U of U nursing program with my bachelors on Friday and now we are on vacation!

I won $400 on wendover slots yesterday!

It is my wedding week!!! Heading to Oceanside for a beach wedding. I finally get to marry my best friend!

just found out this weekend that my boy is moving back from Kanab this summer. It'll be so nice to have him closer to home...early Mother's Day surprise

short work week, headed to Moab on Thursday!

after a LONG week with sick kids, they are finally better. And I don't have to work until 1 today. Dropping them off to school and taking a nap! Yay!

was offered a job at the police department that I really wanted to work for.

after 1 year of physical therapy my daughter graduated last week!!

my husband and i decided to start trying to have a baby this month. It will be our first child so we are very excited!!!

something good, my oldest son, Hugo, made his First Holy Communion on Saturday and he was so excited, so proud of him

leaving for a 10 day vacation and cruise to the southern Caribbean. Can't wait!

won 1700 tax free this weekend!!!!!

my something good is also a happy birthday wish to my husband! He turns 27 today and he just finished the semester. His mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and it''s been the worst semester ever but he still finished with a 3.7 all while working full-time to support our family :)

got a new job starting a new career in plumbing

have a job interview for a job I thought I missed tomorrow

won 260k on the derby

My biopsy came back begnin. I don't have breast cancer

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