TEXT TOPIC: What "old person" thing do you do?

I go to bed at 9 o'clock any time I can!

I eat dinner at 5:30 and I go to bed at 8:30 or 9. Total old lady!!

19 yr old. Don''t play on phone, love sudoku, word searches, crosswords! Only paper books! Family says I''m weird! 

I started carrying handkerchiefs. I also sit in my rocking chair and listen to my records. I'm 35 and my wife calls me an old man.

my husband and I are in our mid 30s and we are all about early dinners! We are frequently eating surrounded by the elderly at their regular time dinners.

started wearing suspenders to hold my pants up. Now I look like a lumber jack

always drive the speed limit, yup I'm old now!

always pay with cash or check, I love getting ID'd, and I always lose things around the house cause I forget where I placed it. I'm only 41

literally go to bed between 8-9 pm aaannnd I don''t have kids. I just get up between 4:30-5 am every day and if I have nothing else going on, I just go to bed.

absolutely love to crochet and have for years, I'm only 29. Also, we go to be before 9 on a regular basis

bring earplugs when I go to concerts. Dang, that music gets loud.

take my dentures out soon as I'm home. Scared the hell out of my kids. But at 43 I like to be comfy too

I am 36 but I never miss my daily Matlock episodes.

Save receipts and balance checkbook with a check register

I fart in public with zero effs givin

read the Sunday newspaper and drink my coffee

When my kids leave the door open I Yell "we aren't heating the outside". I'm 41

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