TEXT TOPIC: What is your, "my parents are going to kill me" story?

had a party when my parents were out of town. I was a nervous wreck and didn''t drink a sip while everyone else was trashed. Garbage everywhere, found a condom on my trampoline, I didn''t know half the people that showed up! Didn''t have any fun!

my mom wanted to kill me because I went to bed chewing gum, which ended up in my hair - which she warned me would happen.

at 14 a friend and I stole my parents car. Caught for trespassing at a middle school, w/the car in the parking lot. Luckily, they let us go without calling our parents.

backed my mom's car into my dad's car. They had a $3,000 deductible, per car

backed out of our garage and it was closed. my parents were out of town

when I was 16 I got busted for sneaking out =H thought my dad would kill me! I got grounded and my car keys taken away.. thought my life was over

Ran into my dad's brand new camping trailer our first trip out with my fourwheeler. He still doesn't let me live it down

was mowing the lawn in a ridding lawnmower. Went over the curb broke all 3 blades. My dad was pissed. Had to buy new ones.

got pregnant as a teen. Let's just say parents weren't excited.

broke my moms favorite Owl and glued it back together, glued a piece on wrong and was busted. She still bring it up to this day

We I just got new carpet. My friend and I painted our nails. Nail polish spilled on the carpet. It happened while they celebrated their anniversary.

my brother and I were fighting really bad and he threw a hammer at me. It missed me and hit the front door. Went right through it. My mom was pissed

Our parents where I work we were having a water fight we slipped in the kitchen and hit the window Yeah we broke that Window and we all thought we were dead

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