TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! What or who are you thankful for?

want to thank my first born son Liam, tomorrow he will 6yrs old, and i thank him for making me a dad and being my buddy!

I am thankful for mammograms. They found a small lump and hopefully it was all removed yesterday. I am only 41 and it was my second mammogram

I'm thankful for my wife and blessing me with a new baby girl that will be here in July!

want to say thanks to my husband.. he's is the best, does things for me, for our pets. Works his butt off to make sure I'm happy and I appreciate him.

I want to say thank you to the person next to me on the freeway in clearfield who clapped at the person going 60 in the fast lane

thankful for my family. They flew in from across the US yesterday. My hearts so full

Thank you for the tickets that I won from you guys to see Aladdin. It was the Best bday gift ever, I was spoiled with dinner and Aladdin and my husband didn''t have to plan a thing

Thanks Julie. Back when I was using 9 yrs ago you were the only 1 of our friends who would take me for walks to talk & get me out of my habits 4 a lil bit. I miss u & I wish we still talked and walked!

Can you please give a shout to my sister Brenda! She''s been my biggest champion and I appreciate her so much!

Thanks to my siblings and husband for being my rocks. We are all weathering the storm as we lose our grandpa this week.

thankful for my brother's decision to get sober! 2 years sober tomorrow!! So proud of him!

Thank you to my husband for making me feel like the prettiest woman on earth even when I look like I was hit by a semi truck. Love you Maxson!

my mama and brother! for always watching my kids. i appreciate them more than i could ever say!!

Thank you to you guys for doing this, it reminded me to take a minute at least once a week to look at my life and be thankful

thanks to my grandpa for being the perfect example of how a man should treat a woman. He is 96 and will be leaving this world soon. My heart is breaking

Thanks to my amazing husband for didn''t even skip a beat after my dad passed a month ago and moved my mom into our basement right away so she wouldn''t be alone and could begin healing. I love you baby

big shout out to my son he has worked so hard to have his dreams come true #collagebound #basketballplayer

I want to say thank you to my nephew Michael who passed away while serving in Iraq last Tuesday

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